The Aces Bungalow – 2 Bedroom Terrace Bungalow


The Aces bungalow is a collection of holiday-style 2-bedroom terraced bungalows located in the fast-developing, serene town of Epe, Lagos.

Getting a property at the Aces Bungalow is easy, we have introduced a zero-interest, 12-month payment plan that makes it easy for the discerning mind to own a unit at The Aces.

Aces Bungalow is a unit of the 2-bedroom finished terraced bungalows.

the Aces

N13.5 million

With a deposit of N1.5 million, you can secure a unit and spread the balance over 12 months at ZERO interest.

The Aces Bungalow

So whatever you are looking for, whether it is a residential home in a peaceful estate, a holiday home with all the features you need to relax during the weekends, or on other holidays, or a real estate investment that would give you fantastic cash flow, The Aces has got you covered.

The idea behind this project is to build a community where people can own homes that can either be used for regular residential purposes, holiday homes, or for investments that would yield massive good returns

To achieve the quiet and serenity of a holiday home which The Aces promises, we will be providing;

1. A Dedicated transformer
2. Sound-Proof, Diesel Generators

Which would help us achieve a 24/7 power supply to all the homes within the estate community.

3. Well paved roads
4. Covered drainages
5. Treated water
6. 24/7 Security as well as CCTV surveillance cameras and solar street lights

Other Facilities

Swimming Pool
Well equipped GYM
Outdoor Bar
Lawn Tennis Court
Indoor Game House
Sit-Out area

There would also be a mini-mart and a pharmacy just in case you want to grab some groceries or maybe you’re feeling a little bit under the weather and want to grab some pain relief.

These ancillary facilities would be in a 1000sqm land space we call ‘SPACE’

To ensure your holiday style living experience is not altered by frequent trips to the market, or by any errands that would take you out of the estate, we’ll be having an on-site errand service that would help you run errands, just in case you want to cook that special pot of catfish pepper soup.

At The Aces, we are building a community where you can Live, Relax and Earn.

For more details on the Aces, call/WhatsApp 09015094850 or click on the whatsApp button on your screen