10 Details about The Road Projects from Eleko Junction to Epe T-Junction


10 Details about The Road Projects from Eleko Junction to Epe T-Junction

If you have been to Epe or driven to Epe between the period of November 2020 and now, you would have noticed a great and massive development going on from the Eleko Junction down to Epe T-Junction.

On 13th October 2021, I took one of my loyal clients to an inspection in Epe town. On our way from Eleko Junction to the Wazobia Court Estate in Ibeju Lekki that we are going to, he was so surprised to see the road network being under construction. He said Hey! Peter, so this road is under construction. He was amazed at what he saw at that time.

This tells me that quite a number of people whether in Nigeria or in the diaspora are yet to know the ongoing projects from Eleko Junction down to Epe T-Junction.

And here is the video tour have been showing to them mostly those in the diaspora. This short video tour explains the road network from Eleko Junction down to Epe T-Junction.

Many people have wondered what the road network is all about and they don’t know some vital detail about the ongoing projects.

Quickly, I will be sharing with you 10 details about the ongoing road projects of the ETI-OSA-LEKKI-EPE EXPRESSWAY starting from Eleko Junction down to Epe T-Junction or Roundabout.

10 details about the road projects from Eleko Junction to Epe T-Junction
  1. The project commerce operation on the First of November 2020.
  2. The contractor for this project is Craneburg Constructions
  3. Rigid Pavement (Concrete road) is the status or topography of the land
  4. The Project distance is approximately 18.75 Km (From Eleko Junction to Epe T-Junction, which is the phase 1 of the project)
  5. The project is on 6 Lanes
  6. The project is 1.5km Pedestrian Walkway and Drainage on both sides
  7. When completed, perennial traffic gridlocks would be eliminated, improvement of socio-economic activities in and around Lekki-Epe Expressway and surroundings, reduce travel time etc
  8. Expected completion time is first quarter of year 2022
  9. Second phase will start (later in the year) at Abraham Adesanya Roundabout to Eleko Junction with a span of 26.7km.
  10. The new heart of Lagos is from Eleko Junction to Epe. The ongoing project is making property to appreciate in this axis and that’s why the best time to buy property around this project is NOW
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Properties ranging from ELEKO JUNCTION to Epe T-Junction are going to skyrocket once the project is completed.

So why wait for the project to be completed when you can actually secure a plot or more for an affordable price?

If you wait until the time of completion, two things will either happen. Either plots are sold out or the price would be extremely on the high side.

So, the best time to buy property is Now, from one million naira to thirteen million naira, you will surely secure one or more properties in this axis with a verified titled document and located in a strategic location with a high ROI.

By the time the road is fully completed, a plot in that axis would be selling as high as fifteen million naira minimum.

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