15 Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Cashback

real estate cashback

15 Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Cashback

One major real estate investment scheme common among real estate companies in Lagos is the real estate cashback and shortly I will be telling you the 15 frequently asked questions about Real Estate Cashback.


There have been a lot of questions regarding the real estate cash back in Lagos and that is why this piece of information is for you to know the

15 Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Cashback

  1. What is Real Estate Cashback?

Real Estate Cashback is a Real Estate trading product that allows investors and individuals to invest/buy into real estate development for the purpose of generating passive income.

  1. Is Real Estate cashback a licensed investment?

Yes, Real estate cashback is a product of Real Estate CashBack Cooperative Society Limited duly licensed by the Lagos State Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Cooperative with registration number LSCS 18176.

  1. What will the fund be used for?

The funds are invested in developing commercial and residential properties. The company that offers this project conducts thorough research on locations prone to quick appreciation and buys properties there. With time, they develop these properties, sell-off, and share the profit with you.

Real estate companies like Zylus Group and Landvest based in Lagos offer this opportunity and only invest only in appreciable and tangible assets which will yield a return on investment

  1. Why is real estate cashback different from other investments?

This project is different because it gives prospective clients and investors the opportunity to invest their money in real estate instead of saving them in a bank to yield passive income for them. Real Estate Cash Back is one of the best real estate investment initiatives for anyone who loves their “sleep” and “peace of mind”.

  1. What is the minimum and maximum price to invest?

The minimum price for real estate cashback is currently valued at N500,000 which can be equivalent to about 4.2sqm. There is no maximum limit to the number of units an individual can acquire depending on the present after an investment.

real estate cashback
real estate cashflow

You can buy multiple units of investment. You can invest millions or billions of naira.

  1. What are the documents I needed to submit?

There are documents you need to provide for complete verification and to get started. These documents are Evidence of Payment, Valid I.D card, Passport Photograph, and utility bill.

  1. What documents will I get after investing my funds?

The document you get after investing in real estate cashback is a Deed of Agreement, Investment Certificate, Invoice, and so on

ATTENTION: Got questions about this cashback project, send us a direct message to get started.

  1. How do I know my investment has matured?

You will get a notification from the company you invested with either through email, SMS, or a phone call.

  1. How will my investment maturity be paid?

You will get a phone call notification from the company before the maturity and a transfer will be done to your account.

  1. Can I re-invest my funds after maturity?

Yes, you can choose the invest either the interest or the capital or both.

  1. Who are your receiving bank on this cashback project?

There are different receiving banks for different companies. But for Zylus group, the receiving bank is GTB (Guarantee Trust Bank)

  1. How secure are my investment and data?

Your information is secure with our payment partners, while your investment with us is guaranteed and secured by a real asset. upon maturity of your investment, the invested amount and the profit will be paid to the member by the cooperative, and the investment can also be paid in the form of property that is worth the maturity/matured sum.

  1. Is there any incentive or bonus for me if I invest my fund?

Yes, there is an incentive for every member that invests with us.

  1. Can I get my interest upfront?

Yes, but you will be charged 4% of the total interest, then 50% of it will be paid to you by Zylus Group International

  1. How do I invest and get started?

You can invest either online or form. There is a form for that and you can contact me below to request the offline form or the online link to get started.

In conclusion, the percentage interest for real estate cashback varies from one real estate company or the other. All you need to do is to send us a message or give us a call on +234 901 509 4850 to know the current percentage interest on the cashback.

Real estate cashback is another better option for people and investors to make money through real estate and also generate a return on investment for about 12 months without inflation eating up their money. Feel free to contact us via the WhatsApp button on your screen for more details.

Peter Oyedepo

Peter Oyedepo is an award-winning realtor in Lagos, Nigeria and the lead consultant of Sureland Realtors (RC 2004840). He helps people both in Nigerians and in the diaspora to invest in real estate for profit maximization.