15 Things You Should Know About Lekki Pride 3 Before Buying


15 things you should know about Lekki Pride Estate before Buying

Investing in property is good but having adequate knowledge about the property is better. Many people buy property but never have adequate knowledge about the property and that’s why they fall into the hand of land scammers.

When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. In other not to abuse the importance of property, adequate knowledge is needed about that property. And that’s people who visited my site and contact me are well guided before I told them to buy any property.

It’s no longer news that Lekki Pride 3 is on sale in the market. Lekki Pride 3 is now selling and this estate has been launched by the company that owns it.

So very quickly, I will be sharing with you all you need to know about Lekki Pride 3. And the result of knowledge acquired is to take immediate action on it. So after this knowledge, I will be sharing with you, I will expect you to contact me right away to own your plot in the estate.

So let’s get started. Here is the adequate knowledge you need to know about Lekki Pride 3. 15 things you should know about LEKKI PRIDE 3

  1. Lekki Pride 3 is owned and developed by Zylus Homes and Property. Zylus homes and property is a top leading real estate company based in Lagos. This company has property across the state and beyond as well.


  1. Lekki Pride 3 is situated off the Ogombo road by Abraham Adesanya Roundabout Ajah Lagos. Lekki Pride 3 is strategically positioned in a serene location and it’s facing the expressway directly.
  2. Lekki Pride 3 is situated by the side of Lekki Pride 2 and it is trekable. From Lekki Pride 2 to Lekki Pride 3 is just a minute trek. Watch the video below to see it yourself
Less than 2 minutes trek to Lekki Pride 3 from Lekki Pride 2
  1. Lekki Pride 3 is a serviced plot property. It’s 100% land sales only. Only land sales are opened for sale. Lekki Pride 1 and 2 offer apartments but lekki pride 3 is open for land sales only.
  1. Lekki Pride 3 offers various plots sizes such as 500sqm, 400sqm, and 300sqm.
Lekki Pride 3 Plot size
  1. Lekki Pride 3 is dry land, fenced and motorable. No need to sand-filled. It’s dry already and it faces the express road directly.
Lekki Pride 3
  1. Lekki Pride 3 has a perfect title called “Governor Consent” with a C of O. What else do you need again aside from this title?


  1. Lekki Pride 3 is a buy-and-build estate with instant allocation. If you need a buy and build property, then Lekki Pride 3 is what you need right now. You can commence building immediately once you pay fully.


  1. Lekki Pride 3 has a flexible payment plan with an initial deposit of N7M and no interest for 3 months.

And note that all payments should be accredited to the company bank details.

In case, you love the estate and want to make your initial deposit, please chat me up via WhatsApp below and let me send you the company account details.

Note: USD payment is also available in case you want to make payment via dollar.

  1. Lekki Pride 3 is not an off-plan property. Lekki Pride 1 and 2 are off-plan properties and houses are available but Lekki Pride 3, it’s not an off-plan property.
  2. In Lekki Pride 3, there is 3 major infrastructure that would be provided among many. Such infrastructure is: perimeter fencing, beautification of the estate, and gatehouse
  3. In Lekki Pride 3, there is a statutory fee to be paid as you buy the land. Don’t be deceived by anyone that there’s no statutory fee or hidden charges popularly known.


The hidden charges or statutory fees to be paid for are surveys, deed of assignments, and developmental fees. And please note, that the statutory fee is subject to change.

As of the time of writing this, the statutory fee sums up to N3,250,000 for 500sqm only. Price varies for other sqm such as 400 and 300sqm respectively

  1. In Lekki Pride 3, there are 5 major documents you would collect after full payment including the statutory fee. Those 5 documents are summarized below:
  2. Receipt of purchase/invoice
  3. Contract of sales
  4. Copy of survey plan
  5. Letter of allocation
  6. Deed of assignments
  7. Lekki Pride 3 shares proximity to the followings:
  8. Private beaches
  9. Doren hospital
  10. Abraham Adesanya Estate
  11. Green areas
  12. Educational institutions
    And lots more
  13. Buy your plot(s) in Lekki Pride 3 Estate now. And buy it through me. Let me guide you through to help you invest in this estate.

3 reasons you should buy Lekki Pride 3 through me:

  1. I offer daily inspection meeting your schedule
  2. I am an expert in real estate investing who gives value to people and also helps them to make wealth through real estate.
  3. I want to create a cordial relationship with you and help you handle your real estate investment.

Can I book for inspection with you?

Yes of course you can book for inspection with me. Kindly send a direct WhatsApp message to me.

Inspection is daily.

Who should I contact if I want to buy?

You can always contact me, please. My contact and social media handles are always available. Reach out to me and I would respond as fast as I can.

In conclusion, now that you have to know the 15 things about Lekki Pride 3, I think now is the best time to key into.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Buy LEKKI PRIDE 3 now and start your building immediately.

For further inquiry, inspection, and payment plan, call or WhatsApp Oyedepo Peter on +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen

Thank you.