20 Frequently Asked Questions About Dukia Africa

Dukia Africa

20 Frequently Asked Questions About Dukia Africa

Dukia Africa had been the talk in town as far as buying property in Epe is concerned. Dukia Africa is that very property located in Epe that you don’t want to miss out.

DUKIA AFRICA has a perfect title and what you are to expect inside this estate is topnotch in fact Dukia Africa is going to be the largest Resort Estate in Lagos and Africa at large.

ATTENTION: I have written and shared 2 great videos on what to expect in Dukia Africa in my recent blog title All you need to know about Dukia Africa Kindly check it out HERE

There are questions I presume and perceived that bother the heart of people concerning Dukia Africa and that’s why I have taken my time to write out to you these 20 frequently asked questions about Dukia Africa.

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20 Frequently Asked Questions About Dukia Africa

  1. What does DUKIA AFRICA mean?

Dukia literally means Property. So the meaning of Dukia Africa is property in Africa.

  1. Where is Dukia Africa located and the title?

Dukia Africa is located in Molajoye Epe Lagos just about a 10-minute drive to Alaro City.

  1. Who is the developer for Dukia Africa and what is his name?

Dr. Ibrahim Israel is the developer of Dukia Africa and other projects in Chevron and Orchid Lekki Lagos.

  1. Is there any project the developer of Dukia Africa has done?

Yes, one of their housing estate with over 100 units built had been fully sold out in the area of Oribanwa, Awoyaya Lagos

  1. Are there both residential and commercial plot in Dukia Africa?

Dukia Africa is a place for recreation, relaxation, and entertainment. However residential plots are available. The commercial plot is coming soon. Click Here to be informed when it’s out

  1. Will the company build offplan houses in Dukia Africa?

No. About 10 houses will be built by the company and then will be sold out to the public.

  1. What am I expected to see in Dukia Africa?

The answer to this question is in the Youtube video. The video is a live chat with the MD himself

  1. When is the expected time for the project to be achieved?

The expected time for the actualization of this project is 3 years

  1. What’s title does DUKIA AFRICA have?

The title of dukia Africa is Governor Consent

  1. How much is a plot selling for and is the price likely to increase?

Currently, 500sqm of land in Dukia Africa is selling for N15M and N12M for 300sqm respectively. Also additional 200sqm and 150sqm is available.

The price is going to increase on the 31st of October 2022 by N10M

  1. Are there any other hidden charges or statutory fees for Dukia Africa?

No, please. The price is all-inclusive. N15M for 500sqm and N12M for 300sqm respectively.

  1. What video can you recommend for me to watch regarding Dukia Africa?

I have numerous videos on my YouTube channel. However, watch this very video on Dukia Africa that talks about everything you need to know about dukia Africa by the MD himself

  1. Is there an installment payment plan and what is the mode of payment like?

Installment Payment for up to 12 months is available. Payment should be made and addressed to the company’s official account number.

Request for the payment plan and account number HERE or send a direct message via WhatsApp HERE

  1. Does DUKIA AFRICA have a brochure or estate plan design?

Yes, please. Request for the brochure and estate plan HERE

  1. Can I buy and Resell and what does the documentation like?

Yes, please. You can buy and resell.

For the documentation of Dukia Africa, upon your initial deposit of 3.5m, you get a receipt and invoice within 36-48 hours. And upon full payment, you get your survey plan and allocation letter. Click HERE to get started.

  1. Is the road to the estate motorable and it’s how long to the expressway?

DUKIA AFRICA is motorable and just less than 5 minutes drive to the Epe-Ikorodu Expressway. And about a 10-minute drive to Alaro City, Epe.

  1. Can I buy and build instantly?

You can buy and build. However, all your payments must have been completed and your building plan is approved before building or construction can start.

  1. Can I buy acres of land with a discount?

6 plots make an acre. You can buy 6 plots (1 acre) in Dukia Africa and get a reasonable discount. Please the discount is on 1 acre only. Send a WhatsApp message to me to get started.

  1. How is the inspection, and application form for Dukia Africa like?

I provide inspection every day and it is 100% FREE. Book your virtual inspection via WhatsApp video call or physical inspection.

As for the application form. It’s ready and you can either fill it yourself or I help you to fill it in case you are busy to do so. Once I fill it out for you, I will send it out to you to preview it.

Request for the application form HERE to get started

  1. Who should I contact to get started?

To buy as many plots as you want. Please do well to contact me and I will be glad to help you out, assist you and ensure you get your documents within 36-48 hours of payment confirmation.

In case your question is not written here, please send your question HERE. For a quick response to your question, click on the WhatsApp button showing on your screen.

Dukia Africa is a property you should not afford to miss out. You can buy for residential or investment purposes. You can buy and build for a short let, Airbnb, and so on.

Kindly call or WhatsApp Peter on +234 901 509 4850 to get started or click on the WhatsApp button showing on your screen.

See your message soon and congratulations in advance.


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