20 Frequently Asked Questions About Itunu City

Itunu City Estate Launch
Itunu City Estate Launch

It’s no longer news that Itunu City is now fast selling in the real estate industry. Since the launch of Itunu City, there have been a lot of questions bothering the heart of people. But before I move on to give you the 20 frequently asked questions about itunu city, let’s watch a live recorded video I did during the itunu city launching.

ATTENTION: I was live at the launch of Itunu City on Saturday, 20th August 2022. Here is a recorded video of the Questions and Answers asked by People regarding Itunu City. The answers were given directly by the MD of the company, named Mr. Nola Adetola.

Live Questions and Answers on Itunu City

Talking about Itunu City, Itunu City is a site and service estate and it is an estate that offers both residential and commercial plots. This means that, that you can bring your business down to Itunu City.

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GOOD NEWS! Itunu Residential is still fast selling for N35m. Itunu Residential is just a minute’s drive to Itunu City. Watch the development update of Itunu Residential HERE or CLICK HERE to know more about ITUNU RESIDENTIAL

Now let’s take a look at the 20 Frequently asked questions about Itunu City:

  1. Why Itunu City?

Itunu City was launched as a result of people’s request for the commercial plot. Itunu City faces the Lekki-Epe Expressway which is suitable for commercial purposes. Read more about Itunu City HERE

Itunu city is a beautiful blend of commercial space and a residential community spanning 100 acres. Itunu City is a mega-site and service project balancing the experience of living in an enabling community with the thrill of recreation and lifestyle.

2. What kind of Buildings can I build in Itunu City and when can I start construction?

All kinds of buildings such as Low, Medium, and High density are available. However, all buildings plan need to be submitted for approval and full payment is to be paid before construction can start.

3. What are the available sizes available in the estate?

For the residential plot in Itunu City, we have 300sqm and 500sqm and while for the commercial plot in Itunu city, the minimum plot available is 1000sqm. The initial deposit for the residential plots is N5m and for the commercial plots is N10m respectively.

Block of flats apartment ranges from 300sqm to 500sqm, for commercial sites and services, the minimum size is 1000sqm and for building space, the sqm are from 1000sqm to 3000sqm respectively.

4, Are there any other hidden charges or statutory fees and also service charges?

No hidden charges. Itunu City is All-inclusive meaning there is NO statutory fee. The service charge for Itunu City will be communicated later.

5. What title does Itunu City has?

Itunu City has a perfect title called Certificate of Occupancy (C of O). So your investment is secured and free from any form of acquisition.

6. Does Itunu City have a payment plan and what does the interest rate like?

Yes, please. 3 months is outright without interest. 6-12 months payment plan is available with 500k to 1 million naira interest respectively.

7. Which real estate company owns Itunu City and how long have they been existing?

Itunu City is owned by Veritasi Homes and Properties with an office based in Lekki Phase 1. All properties owned by Veritasi Homes and Properties are written HERE. Veritasi had been existing for 5 years. August 2022 makes it 5 years in business.

8. What is the name of the developer of Itunu City?

The developer’s name is Mr. Nola Adetola. The same developer for Itunu Residential and camberwall advantage in Lekki Phase 1

Mr Nola Adetola – MD Veritasi Homes and Properties

9. Is there a possibility of a price increase in Itunu City?

Yes, please. Itunu City milestones or price increases have been scheduled for the next 8 months. Get the milestone HERE

10. Can I resell my Plot after appreciating it?

Yes, please. You can buy and sell to make a profit. Buy at N20m now and resell at N35m by November 2022. And please note, you can only sell when full payment is made.

11. Will I get a buyer when I want to resell and can I book for inspection?

Yes, please. Inspection is daily either virtual or physical. Book your inspection HERE

12. What can I build on the commercial plot area and when will infrastructure commerce?

As stated by the MD, the only thing not acceptable is the filling station. Read this BLOG HERE on 20 Businesses You Can Build inside Itunu City Commercial.

Itunu city infrastructure will commence on November 1st, 2022 and which will bring about the price increase. Request for itunu city milestone HERE

13. Can I build Church inside Itunu City and can I see the Layout of the estate?

Church is welcome. The layout and brochure of Itunu City are available. Request a copy HERE

14. What are the major landmarks of Itunu City?

The major landmark of Itunu City is Epe resorts and SPA, New International Airport, Epe fish market, Craneburg Lagos Yard, Alaro City, Neander International School, and many more…

15. What are the features of Itunu City?

The features of Itunu City are Gated Fenced, security surveillance, portable water, 24 hours electricity, a good road network, a family entertainment center, an underground drainage system, a central sewage system, recreational facilities, loft houses built for holidays, green areas, street light, and many more.

16. Where exactly is Itunu City?

Itunu City is located in Aiyetory Ibeju Lekki off Lekki-Epe Expressway and less than 5 minutes drive to Alaro City Epe. The road to the estate is motorable and accessible

17. If am buying 1 acre of itunu city, will there be any discount?

If you’re buying an acre upon outright payment, I can negotiate for a discount. CLICK HERE for more.

18. What are the documents to be received after the initial deposit?

Once your initial deposit is made. You’ll receive the Cover letter, Receipt of payment, and Contract of sales.

19. After full payment, what are the documents to be received?

Upon full payment of the land, you’ll be given a Deed of Assignment, Survey Plan, and Allocation Letter (upon physical allocation)

20. Who can I contact to lock down a plot or more in Itunu city?

Kindly do well to contact me. Send me a Dm or WhatsApp call HERE or click on the button on your screen. I have consistently helped people to key and manage their real estate portfolios and I can help you as well. Reach out to me to GET STARTED

In conclusion, those are 20 major frequently asked questions about Itunu City, In case you still have other related questions, please reach out to me by clicking on the WhatsApp button on your screen.

Itunu City is going to be the biggest development around Ibeju Lekki and Epe respectively. You can’t afford to miss a plot or more HERE. Make your deposit and spread the payment.

Book your virtual inspection through a WhatsApp Video call or a Physical Inspection with me which is 100% FREE. For further detail and to get started, please Call/WhatsApp Peter on +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen.

Can’t wait to help you invest in Itunu City Residential and Commercial Plot.