20 Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Cashback

frequently asked question about real estate cashback
frequently asked question about real estate cashback

20 Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Cashback

One of the easiest ways and most convenient ways to make money in real estate is through real estate cashback.

Real Estate Cashback enables you to make money while you sleep and this is why everyone interested in investing in real estate cashback must read my other articles on real estate cashback and send me a WhatsApp message to get started.

Having heard about real estate cashback before or you’re interested in investing in real estate cash back or you are just hearing the word for the first time, below are the 20 frequently asked questions about real estate cashback.

These questions are what my investors are frequently asking for on daily and I have taken my time to give answers to them all. Please read to the end and do contact me to help you get started.

Question #1: What is Real Estate CashBack?

Real Estate Cashback is a Real Estate trading product that allows customers or members to invest/buy into real estate development for
the purpose of generating passive income. The profit in percentage is 28% for a period of 12 months.

Question #2: What company manages Real Estate CashBack?

Real Estate Cashback is an initiative of Real Estate CashBack Cooperative Society Limited.

In addition, there is a top real estate company in Lagos, Nigeria that does this real estate cashback and there has been tremendous testimony for over 3 years since the time of inducing this real estate investment opportunity.

Question #3: Is real estate cash back a licensed investment?

Yes, Real estate cashback is a product of Real Estate CashBack Cooperative Society Limited duly licensed by the Lagos State Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Cooperative with registration number LSCS 18176.

Question #4: How competent is the team behind Real Estate Cash Back?

Our team are financial experts and real estate professionals that are driven by the passion to help limit the societal gap between the rich and the poor by creating various investment opportunities for
everyone regardless of their social status.

Question #5: What will the funds be used for?

The funds are invested in developing commercial and residential properties. We also conduct thorough research on locations prone to quick appreciation and buying properties there.

With time, we develop these properties, sell them off, and share the profit with you. We invest only in appreciable and tangible assets.

Question #6: Why is real estate cash back different from other investments?

With the track records of over 3years and payments made to over 3,000 members, we have done so well in keeping all our promises.

Real Estate Cash Back is the best real estate investment initiative for anyone who loves their “sleep” and “peace of mind”.

Question #7: Can I invest online?

Yes, you can by doing the following:

Get the online form
Fill your details
Attach evidence of payment
I.D card, utility bill, and passport
Click submit.

Question #8: Can I invest offline?

Yes, you can invest offline to pick an investment form, make payment and collect the receipt.

Kindly send a WhatsApp message to get either the online or offline form

Question #9: What is The Tenure of The investment?

The duration of investment depends on your preferred investment tenure. We have a 12months investment tenure.

Real estate cashback dividend formula
Real estate cashback dividend formula

There is no maximum limit to the number of units an individual can acquire, depending on the present estate cash-back investment. You can buy multiple units of investment.

Question #11: What are the documents I need to submit?

Evidence of Payment, Valid I.D card, Utility bill, Passport Photograph, etc.

Question #12: What document will I get after investing my funds?

Deed of Agreement
Investment Certificate
A Post-Dated Cheque
Insurance Certificate Insurance: It covers the exact amount of funds a member invested in case of casualties or the death of the members.

The beneficiary will get access to the funds invested irrespective of the situation.

Question #13: How Do I know my investment has matured?

You will get a notification from us either through email, SMS, or a phone call.

Question #14: How will my investment maturity be paid?

You will get a phone call notification from us before maturity and we will do a transfer to your account.

Question #15: Can I get my interest upfront?

Yes, but you will be charge 4% of the total interest, then 50% of it will be paid to you.

Question #16: How secure are my investment and data?

Your information is secure with our payment partners, while your investment with us is secured, insured, and guaranteed, also upon
maturity of your investment, the invested amount, and the profit are to be made available to the member by the company, and the
investment can also be paid in the form of property that is worth the invested sum.

Question #17: Can I terminate my investment before the maturity date?

You will be unable to terminate an investment done for 6 months duration however, termination can be done on 12 months investment
only after the 5th month.

After termination is processed, you will get access to prorated interest and capital less 17% charges from the total for 12 months. Note, that payment would be within 14 working days of notice.

Question #18: Is there an incentive for this investment?

Yes, there’s an incentive for everyone who key into this. We have a monthly incentive and do last for 30 days. Take a look at the incentive we have for you in the month of July.

Real estate cashback client incentive
Real estate cashback incentive

Question #19: Can I re-invest my funds after maturity?

Yes, you can and even invest twice of what you invested.

Question #20: How do I contact you to get started?

To get started on real estate cashback kindly send a WhatsApp message to me right now and I will respond as fast as I can.

Also, you can send a mail to info@surelandrealtors.com or kindly give me a call on +234 901 509 4850

Now that you have known the 20 frequently asked questions about real estate cashback and you have gotten answers to them. Now is the best time to key into it. Take a look at a few testimonies about real estate cash back below:

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