20 Frequently Asked Questions About The Wealthy Islet

The wealthy Islet

It’s no longer news that the Wealthy Islet is now officially launched into the market. The Wealthy Islet was launched on the 12th of December 2022. The wealthy islet is basically known as a beachfront property with a perfect land title in the area of Abijo, Ibeju Lekki Lagos

So, I will quickly be sharing with you the 20 frequently asked questions about the wealthy islet. Since the inception of the wealthy islet, a lot of people have been asking a series of questions about this project.

Out of the many questions asked, I have come up with the major 20 frequently asked questions about the wealthy islet. They are as follows:

1. Who is the developer of the WEALTHY ISLET?

The wealthy islet is developed by MKH INVESTMENT LIMITED with a head office in Chevron, Lagos. The MKH is also the developer of the wealthy place, the garnet estate, and the prime hood estate in Ibadan.

2. What is the infrastructure to be put in the Wealthy Islet?

The infrastructures are a Beach resort, good roads, good drainage, an estate office, 24/7 security, an adequate car park, and a lot more.

3. Is the road to the wealthy islet motorable?

Yes. All kinds of cars can drive easily to the site.

4. What are the sizes of plots within the estate?

We have 500sqm and 1000sqm respectively

5. What documents will I get after my first initial deposit?

After your initial deposit, you get your receipt of payment, invoice, and contract of sales

6. What document will I get after full payment for the wealthy islet?

Once payment is 100% completed, you’ll get your final receipt, registered survey, letter of allocation, and deed of assignment

7. When will I get all my necessary documents?

All documents would be provided upon allocation of the subscribed plot/plots

8 When I can start construction or building on the allotted plot?

Construction of any building is advised to commerce a month after the physical allocation of the plot and payment of the developmental fee

ATTENTION: The wealthy islet brochure and 3D video is available. Kindly click on the WhatsApp button below to request for one

9. Is there any extra cost required to have a corner plot?

Yes, a corner piece attracts a 25% surcharge.

10. Is there a payment plan for the wealthy islet?

Yes, there are 3, 6, and 12 months payment plans respectively

11. Would there be a service charge on the wealthy islet?

Yes, this will be communicated later

12. Can I resell my plot?

Yes, you can.

13. Where is the wealthy islet located?

The wealthy islet is located behind Eko Akete, Abijo Lagos

14. What title does the wealthy islet has?

The title of the wealthy islet is C of O

15. Are there any other charges on the wealthy islet?

No. The prices are all-inclusive

7 Features in the wealthy islet
The Wealthy Islet

16. How much is the initial deposit and how do I get started?

The initial deposit is 3m. To get started on the wealthy islet, please send a direct message to us below

17. What are the major features to be put in place in the wealthy islet?

One of the major features you’ll see in the wealthy islet is the BEACH RESORT

18. Can I get a 300 sqm in the wealthy islet?

For now, 300sqm is not available in the market

19. Do you accept payments in dollars?

Yes, we have an official dollar account you can pay into.

20. Who can I reach out to?

We are available 24/7 either by call or WhatsApp message or email. All you need to know is to click on the WhatsApp button on your screen.

In summary, the above are 20 frequently asked questions by clients and prospects. If you have any other questions. Please contact us right now.

For virtual or physical inspection and payment details, please call or WhatsApp Peter at +234 901 509 4850 or click on WhatsApp on your screen