3 Reasons why Landvest Investment is a top-notch Investment for Investors


3 reasons why landvest investment is a top-notch investment for investors

Landvest investment scheme is a land banking platform organized, controlled, and managed by Tribitat real estate- a real estate developer in Sangotedo, Lagos, Nigeria.


Landvest is majorly created to help investors invest in their capital into real estate for fast appreciation within a minimum of 6months and a maximum of 18months.

Landvest currently has two categories, namely:


Invest Between N1,000,000 to N10,000,000 and get the following ROI plus your invested capital at end of your investment tenure.

6 Months – 15%
12 Months – 30%
18 Months – 45%
24 Months – 60%

Landvest categories

Invest between N11,000,000 to N50,000,000 and get the following ROI plus your invested capital at end of your investment tenure.

12 Months – 35%
18 Months – 46%
24 Months – 72%

So, I will be sharing with you three (3) reasons why landvest investment is a top-notch investment.

  1. Generate a return on investment without any risk in return. This is what landvest will do for you.

It will generate a return on your investment platform.

  1. Your capital is safe and secure. Not only will you get a return on your investment, but your capital also is well safe and secure and back up with insurance.
  2. Four legal and approved document is available. Upon your investment, you get the below documents as fast as possible.

i. Deed of assignment: this document state the unit of investment, date of investment, and the maturity period of your investment

ii. Payment received: this is the proof of the payment for the units of investment you subscribe to

iii. Post-dated cheque: you get a post-dated cheque for your investments ahead of the maturity date

iv. Insurance document: this is a backup document. It cover up the exact amount of units you invest in.

In conclusion, allow your money to work for you on its own within a specific period you want to and get your capital back plus interest on it.

Landvest price list

For more details and how to get started, call/WhatsApp 09015094850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen