4 Best Place to buy Property in Lagos

oasis garden phase 2
oasis garden phase 2

4 Best Place to Buy Property in Lagos

One key factor in real estate is location. Location is very paramount when it comes to buying property.

What determines a good high return on investment is the location or place you buy the property. Buying a property in a good location will definitely bring a high return on investment for you. So, I will be sharing with you four (4) good places to buy property in Lagos State, Nigeria.

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These four (4)places are proven to be good places suitable for real estate investment:

  1. Ikoyi, Lagos

Ikoyi is a place suitable for wealthy people. It’s a place where you see beautiful houses such as duplexes, high-rise apartments, and maisonette apartments as well.

Ikoyi, Lagos

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  1. Lekki, Lagos

Buying property in Lekki is also a good place that guarantees a high return on investment. Lekki is where the big boys live. It’s a place with security and modern infrastructure and property around this axis could be a duplex, apartment, and maisonette.

Lekki, Lagos

And the most important thing is that in Lekki Phase 1, you can property and use it for a short let or rent it house.

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Also in Lekki, you can get a studio apartment as well

  1. Sangotedo, Lagos

Sangotedo is just after Ajah. Sangotedo is a good place to buy property right now. With a lot of neighborhoods and businesses around the axis, property in Sangotedo is appreciating very fast.

Sangotedo, Lagos

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One of the amazing properties with a flexible payment plan is the Sherwood Court Estate which is just a 50-second drive to the expressway and 5 minutes drive from ShopRite Sangotedo Lagos.

  1. Epe, Lagos

Of recent now, Epe has been a great place for investment. Epe shares boundary with Alaro City, Ibeju Lekki where we have the Lekki Free trade zone and Dangote Refinery fertilizer.

Epe, Lagos

Epe also has a good road network as well. Epe is going to be the new Lekki, Victoria Island, and Ikoyi in 5 years’ time now.

And that’s why it’s advisable for people to go and lock in plots of land and houses in Epe right now.

In Epe presently, you can get a good plot of land for less than a million naira, you can also get 2 bedrooms fully detached and semi-detached for 20 million naira and 18 million naira respectively.

Do you want to buy affordable property in Epe right now? Please send me a WhatsApp message right now.

In conclusion, now that you have known the best places suitable for real estate investment to generate a high return on investment. Then this is the best time to lock in either plot of land or units of apartments.

Can I book for inspection in any of the above-mentioned places?

Yes, please. You can schedule an inspection. Just pick the location of your choice and send a message to me via WhatsApp.

Do any of those properties have a payment plan?

Yes, please. Those estates offer 12 monthly payment plan for the land and up to 18 months payment plan for the house.

Do you have further inquiries about the place to invest in real estate in Lagos, please send a WhatsApp message to me right now by clicking on the WhatsApp button on your screen.

Thank you!