5 Affordable C of O Land In Epe, Lagos Nigeria

Itunu Residential
Itunu Residential

You can testify with me that, there are 2 major things to consider when buying property. These 2 major things are Location and Title. The location and the title of a property are what actually determine the return on investment you have when you invest.

And you will also testify with me that the best location to buy any property in Nigeria is Lagos and the best title in real estate so far is Certificate of Occupancy, otherwise known as C of O.

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So when you think of Lagos State, it’s not every part of Lagos that property appreciates. Mind you, what makes a property appreciate is the presence of Government in such places such as notable landmark, companies and industries, and many more.

One major city in Lagos that property will definitely appreciate is EPE. I have written over 20 blogs on real estate in Epe and c of o properties in Lagos entirely, Click HERE to CHECK IT OUT on my BLOG PAGE. It’s however necessary for you to know the 4 strategy places to buy land in Epe and also what you can do with an acre of land in Epe when you buy an acre. Kindly Click HERE and HERE to read about them.

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5 Affordable C of O land in Epe, Lagos Nigeria are:

1. Haven City Phase 2:

Though Haven City Estate is located in Ogun State sharing a boundary between Epe and the Epe toll-gate. Haven City is considered to be located in Ogun State but it is just 5-10 minute drive to Epe city.

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2. Oasis Garden Phase 1:

Oasis Garden Phase 1 offer prospective client and investors to own some units of 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom detached bungalow along Poka road just 10 minutes drive from Alaro city.

Inside Oasis Garden 1 you can also get a plot of land for N13M and spread for 12 months. Please Click HERE to know more about Oasis Garden 1 and the 2 bedrooms available as well.

3. Oasis Garden Phase 2:

Just opposite oasis garden 1, we have the oasis garden phase 2 and the title is Government Allocation. Oasis Garden Phase 2 offers investors the opportunity to own a plot of land for N5m as of the time of writing this article.

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4. Buckingham Citi:

Buckingham Citi is a fast-selling property beside Alaro City with C of O as a title. Buckingham Citi is an estate for the royals. It’s selling for N9.5m per plot and just a few minutes drive to alaro city.

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5. Itunu Residential:

Talking about the top-notch property, Itunu residential is what you should go for. In just less than 6 months, itunu residential had appreciated massively. It was launched for N16m all-inclusive and on 4th August it would be selling for N35m per plot.

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Finally, properties in Epe are properties that appreciate and all those properties I listed for you they’re good to buy. My real estate firm and the company have made our due diligence on those properties and you also can make yours as well if you wish to.

To key into any of the properties mentioned above or if you are interested in real estate investing in Lagos State, Nigeria please call or WhatsApp me on +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen.