5 Reasons Why People Buy Into Real Estate

Peter Oyedepo

5 Reasons Why People Buy Into Real Estate

Real Estate has been proven as one of the easier ways to make wealth. Real Estate Investment is the most lucrative business a man on Earth can ever do. Investing and acquiring property is the habit of the wealthy people and 100% of the wealthy people you see own a lot of properties in their name.

My name is Oyedepo Peter, the real estate expert and in today’s blog, I will be sharing with you my experience in the real estate business, the top five (5) reasons why people buy real estate including wealthy people.

According to Marshall Field, his thoughts on real estate is that “buying real estate is not the only the best way, the quickest way or the safest way but the only way to become wealthy

According to the quote above, you can see that the only way to become wealthy is through real estate. So thereby there is a reason why people buy real estate.


Number one reason is for “Investment Purpose

The secret of the wealthy people is that they invest their money into real estate. Real Estate appreciates faster with high returns on investment. So for this reason, people pour in their money to invest in real estate (buying a house or land)

Alverton Estate, Sangotedo – 2 & 3 bedroom terrace + a maid room

Number 2 reason is for Generating Yearly Income through Rental Income“.

The number 2 reason is the reason why landlord keeps growing rich in their dream. People buy property so that they can generate yearly income cash flow for themself from any part of the world.

Generating rental income through real estate

Number 3 reason is for “Retirement Purpose“.

As funny as this may be, a civil servant who works and earn a salary tends to save money ahead of their retirement time.

People want to retire to their own apartment or house so because of this, they always have the intention to buy property either land or house to prepare them ahead of their retirement.

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Number 4 is for “Personal Comfort and Safety“.

This particular reason can’t be overemphasized. Over 99% of people who buy property buys for their comfort and also for safety which is also a vital key in real estate.

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Number 5 is for their “Children and Unborn Generations

This should be the most important reason why people buy real estate because no one will want to have children and allow them to suffer. So, the only way out to solve poverty for your children is by buying the house or land in their name.

All parents are advised to buy property for their children each and it should be in the name. Parents can write a property will for their children before they die.

real estate investment
Real estate investment in Lagos State, Nigeria

If you have four (4) children. Then make sure each of your children is entitled to at least one property each.

Just make sure your children are comfortable and your generation will surely pray for you in return.

In conclusion, people buy property for various reasons best known to them. But the above five (5) points are good reasons why people buy real estate.

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