5 Types of Property You Should Buy in 2023

oasis garden phase 2
oasis garden phase 2

Welcome to 2023 and happy new year to you. In this year, 2023 a wise person will plan for the new year. The planning begins now and one of your plans this year should be to get some property such as land or a house for yourself

One of your major goals and achievements you should thrive for in 2023 is to buy a property either for yourself or for your children or for investment. As you plan for 2023, make a list of the property you’ll be buying and I can help you to achieve that. Send a WhatsApp message below if you need my assistance on it.

I will be listing the 5 types of property you should buy in 2023. This is a property you need to have in your portfolio come 2023. If you have one of these properties before you can look into another type you didn’t have and ensure you have them as fast as you can.

So the 5 types of property you should buy in 2023 are as follows:

1. Beachfront Property:

If you haven’t bought any beachfront property before, this year, 2023 is the right time to buy one. Beachfront properties are properties by the beachside and these properties always give high returns on investment.

The wealthy Islet
A beachfront property in Lagos

I have a major beachfront property you can buy that is affordable with a C of O and with massive development. Click on the WhatsApp button below for the best beachfront property in Lagos.

2. Foreshore Property:

If you’re looking for a property with a water view or ocean view then you need to buy a foreshore property. I have a foreshore property that you can buy for ease of accessibility to Lekki Phase 1 through the boat system. Kindly send a direct WhatsApp message below

3. Investment Property:

Another vital property you should have in your portfolio is investment land. Investment properties are found in a place that is undergoing rapid development and such a location is Epe, Lagos. If you need a property for investment purposes with a flexible payment plan, please click on the button.

4. Offplan Property:

Another property you should buy in 2023 is an off-plan property. Off-plan properties are houses under construction. You buy an off-plan property at a cheaper rate, the company builds for you and you sell at a very rate if you intend to sell. Offplan house is another best way to make 90-100% ROI within a year.

Appleton Court
Typical Example of an off-plan property

If you want to make money through an off-plan house in 2023 with flexible payment for up to 12-24 months, please send a WhatsApp message below.

5. Finished Property:

Finished properties are houses that are 100% completed and ready to pack in. All you need to do is to buy and pack in with your family. In 2023, you can consider buying a completed house for yourself. For the best houses in Lagos, please send a WhatsApp message below.

Oasis Coyrt Poka Epe
A typical example of completed house

In conclusion, 2023 is the year you need to own property for yourself. This is the best time to buy property for yourself and you don’t have to wait because if you do, the price will go up. So buy now and wait for your property to appreciate.

Do you have any questions for me regarding real estate and property appreciation, please send me a direct message by the WhatsApp button on your screen or give me a call at +234 901 509 4850.