6 Hot and fast-selling properties in Abraham Adesanya roundabouts Ajah


6 Hot and fast-selling properties in Abraham Adesanya roundabouts Ajah

Locations are very vital when it comes to real estate. One major key to consider when buying property is location.

Today, I will be showing you six (6) hot and fast-selling properties you can key into for fast appreciation and yield return on your investment in Abraham Adesanya roundabout, Ajah Lagos state.

6 Hot and fast-selling properties in Abraham Adesanya roundabouts Ajah
  1. The Ambiance: The Ambiance is located strategically inside the Atlantic layout estate

Watch newly video on the Ambiance below 👇

The Ambiance

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  1. Lekki Pride: This is a residential estate newly launch to cater to your housing needs.

It is strategically located around Abraham Adesanya Roundabouts Ajah.

Read the full report about the Lekki Pride

  1. Paragon terraces and duplexes: This is a residential estate located in an estate- Meridian Boulevard.

This estate offers bedrooms in terraces and duplexes in different units and here is my inspection of the paragon terraces and duplexes

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  1. The signature laurels: This is a newly and fast-selling property in Abraham Adesanya roundabout.

This estate only provides 2 bedroom apartment, a penthouse, and a maisonette in Ajah.

The signature laurel is also an extension of the signature houses, terraces, and apartments located in Abijo, Lekki Lagos state.

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  1. Gracias Goshenite: This is an estate that only offers 400sqm of land in Ajah. It is just about a 5minute drive from the Abraham Adesanya roundabouts.

It is 100% dry land. See more features and infrastructure at Gracias Goshenite by Abraham Adesanya roundabout.

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  1. Meridian Boulevard: This estate is where the paragon terraces and duplexes are sited.

Meridian boulevard is a fenced, dry, and gated estate located just about 7 minutes drive from the Lekki-Epe expressway by Abraham Adesanya roundabouts.

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