7 Benefits of investing in off-plan properties


The benefit of investing in off-plan property can not be overemphasis in the real estate industry and investing.

Investing in off-plan property is the best investment trending now in the real estate industry.

4 bedroom terrace duplex in sherwood court estate, sangotedo
4 bedroom terrace duplex in Sherwood court estate, sangotedo

Individuals and investors are going into off-plan property

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In this article, I will be explaining to you the benefit of investing in off-plan property.

An adage says, “when the purpose of a thing is not knowing, abuse is inevitable.

So there is a need to understand the off-plan property and the benefit you get when you subscribe to it.

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7 Benefits of investing in off-plan properties

1. You have the privilege to monitor Your Property:

Unlike a ready or pack-in apartment that you can’t monitor the apartment. But here in off-plan property, you can monitor your apartment from scratch to the finishing.

All building materials could be monitor and you can decide which and which one you like and did not like.

Example of an off-plan property

So when you buy an off-plan property now, you derive the benefit of monitoring your apartment till the finishing stage and to the point of delivery.

2. The Prices Appreciate Before The Time of Delivery.

The prices of off-plan property are cheap and affordable at the time of purchase compare to the time of the finishing.

And also, the prices of off-plan property are not stable or fixed. It varies from time to time. The best time to key into off-plan property is NOW. Just made an initial deposit and spread payment from 6 months upward

Sherwood Court Estate
4 bedroom terrace duplex inside Sherwood court estate Sangotedo Lagos

For instance, you can buy at N49M today and within 8 weeks, the price can appreciate by N55M or thereabouts. So within 2 months, you gain N6M extra.

Prices of off-plan property never go down.

3. It Serves as a Good Stream of Rental Income.

This is the key part for those who want to make a rental income. At the point of completion, the rental value in that location won’t be at the current price it is. So you’re at the advantage.

Off-plan property enables you to make streams of income once the property is delivered to you.

Off-plan property at the Ambiance: bedroom penthouse BQ

After delivery, you can choose or decide to rent it out for rent and start making rental income for yourself.

Not only that but even your children will also live to enjoy the offer.

4. It Appreciates Faster with High ROI

The joy of every investor is to see his investment appreciating. There’s a joy within when you hear the price of your apartment appreciates within months of investing.

Off-plan property appreciates faster with a High Return on Investment (ROI).

Imagine buying an off-plan apartment for an amount of N49M at the foundation stage. The truth is that before the finishing stage and the company will deliver to you, the same apartment will worth nothing less than N60M minimum.

4 bedroom terrace duplex in sherwood court estate, sangotedo
4 bedroom terrace duplex in sherwood court estate, sangotedo

So within 6months of the property being delivered to you, you’re making a return on your investment. And at this stage, you can choose to resell.

5. It Gives you Adequate Knowledge about the Investment you’re Embarking on.

Knowledge is wealth. While buying an off-plan property, you can ask questions and know more about the building materials they are using.

Unlike a completed apartment, all you see is the structure already laid down. But an off-plan property gives you the breakdown and procedures of how your apartment is being constructed.

Off-plan property in paragon terraces and duplexes, Ajah

For example, you subscribe for a 3 bedroom semi-detached terrace with BQ in paragon terrace and duplexes inside Meridian Boulevard. As the structure and building are ongoing, you will be opportune to see how a BQ is being built or constructed.

6. It’s an investment you will never regret of.

Am giving you over 100% assurance that you won’t get it wrong with an off-plan property so far you buy this property from a trusted and genuine real estate company or developer. And you need to contact me to help you get started

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7. The Apartments come with all en-suite and smart homes features

When you buy into off-plan property, all the rooms that will be delivered to you will come ensuite. You can also see the layout of the design that would be used. And finally features such as GYM house, 24/7 Power supply, and Water supply, Gatehouse and security and many more.

Now that you have understood the benefit of buying an off-plan property, why don’t you make the decision to own as many units as possible?

And this is to remind you that most of this off-plan property is approaching the time for delivery and very soon there would be a price increase.

Whether you are based in Nigeria or in the Diaspora, an inspection of these properties can either be physical or virtual via WhatsApp video call


There are benefits to buying an off-plan property now. Limited units are available.

With an initial deposit of N10M, you can lock down any of the property and spread payments up to 12-18 months.


The best time to buy or subscribe to any off-plan property in Lagos is NOW.

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