9 Things you can Build on a Commercial Plot of Land

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One major reason people buy land is for commercial purposes. Commercial land are property meant for business purposes. Any land that is dedicated to commercial is strictly for commercial or business use. In commercial land, no residential houses or apartments are allowed.

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Whether you have commercial land or not or you are thinking of buying commercial land, this article is for you. I will disclose to you 9 things you can build 0n a commercial plot of land and also introduce to you a property you can buy with C of O for capital appreciation.

The 9 things you can build on a commercial plot of land are as follows:

1. Shopping malls:

Shopping malls are great business ideas you can set up in a commercial plot. When you have one, you make rental income yearly from it.

2. Office complexes:

Business owners need an office for their business. So you may need to consider building various offices and duplexes on your land.

3. Warehouses:

This is another thing you can build on a plot of land. People who carry goods need a warehouse to house them. So you may consider this.

4. Banks:

Banks and any other financial institution is another idea if you are into the banking sector.

5. Schools:

This is a great idea for everyone who works or has a passion for education. People must go to school. So this is a great idea for you to consider.

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6. Recreational Centers:

People love entertainment. You may consider this as well.

7. Hotels:

Wao! This is where Nigerian businessmen make a lot of money. You can go for a hotel

8. Restaurants:

People love to eat. Don’t neglect this.

9. Fuel Station:

In Nigeria, people burn fuel a lot, and even companies as well. This is a business idea you might need to consider when you buy commercial land.


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