Advantage of buying a property on offplan in real estate.


Allow me give to you an insight on the advantage of buying a property on offplan in real estate.

  • When it comes to offplan purchase, you build along with the developer from the foundation stage to the finishing stages. This is a great advantage because you get to see the materials used in building, plus, no one want to buy a house that has poor foundation, or will have cracked wall after few years.
  • Another interesting benefits of getting an Offplan house is you have the privilege to do some internal adjustments in respect to the sizes, designs and layouts before completion.
  • Also the property is brand new and you can have an input into the central decor, POP designs and fittings.
  • Buyers can also have a pick in colour arrangements and are often given a detailed interiors like the quality of tiles, toiletries that will suit their budget.
  • Buying at offplan means you are buying at a discounted rate which means your investment has already appreciated before completion. That’s juicy right?
  • A house bought before completion has great advantage because you have the opportunity to pay as you build, meaning instalment payment is very much accepted. This way you can have two or three Offplan houses at the same time, without breaking the bank.

Just in case you didn’t know all of this, now you know, why not start investing in Offplan projects today.