Affordable Land in Epe by Isimi Lagos

Citi Garden Estate epe
Citi Garden Estate epe

Affordable Land in Epe by Isimi Lagos

One major factor needed when it comes to property is budget or capital. No matter your love for real estate, if you don’t have a friendly budget to purchase the property you are only deceiving yourself.

Another factor also needed to buy property is location. Location is everything. You might have heard that statement before. Actually, that’s the truth. Do you know that with a 2 million naira you can buy property by the Isimi Lagos, Epe and the interesting part is that you get instant allocation upon full payment? Watch the full video below:

Instant allocation property in Epe by Isimi Lagos – Citi Garden Estate

So, today I will reveal to you an affordable property with a good price and payment plan in a good location.

This property is for those whose budget is N2M naira as of now (16th April 2022) and they’re looking for a good location to buy property in one of the most serene locations in Lagos which is Epe. Epe, Lagos is a fast developing city and everyone is expected to go in this direction to buy property.

So, the location I would be revealing to you is a property that’s just 5 minutes drive from Isimi Lagos. Isimi Lagos is a property owned by Landway. Isimi Lagos is located off the expressway with a well-designed gatehouse and it’s a city itself.

But one of the issues I have people telling me is the price of Isimi Lagos. And they want me to tell them about the affordable property around the Isimi Lagos axis. So for this reason, am going to tell you the affordable property you can buy that shares the same boundary as Isimi Lagos Epe and this property is just 3 minutes off the road and facing the road as well.

Introducing Citi Garden Estate, Epe

If you’re looking for a property in Epe by Isimi Lagos, Citi Garden Estate is the best for you.

If you’re looking for an affordable property in Epe by Isimi Lagos, Citi Garden Estate is the best for you.

If you’re looking for a friendly property with a good payment plan, Citi Garden Estate is the best for you.

Citi Garden Estate Epe
Citi Garden Estate Epe

Where is Citi Garden Estate, Epe?

Citi Garden Estate Epe is located along the Poka expressway, a 3-5 minutes drive from Isimi Lagos depending on who is driving. Citi Garden Estate is also trekable from the expressway because you would be seeing the expressway right from the estate.

How much is Citi Garden Estate selling?

Citi Garden Estate is selling for a promo price of N2M ($4,777.20) with a good payment plan for up to 12 months.

Citi Garden Estate payment plan

With an initial deposit of N500,000 and above you can lock down a unit in this estate.

What’s the title of Citi Garden Estate?

The title of Citi Garden Estate is Freehold meaning that it’s Free from Government Acquisition.

When is Citi Garden Estate’s physical allocation?

Citi Garden Estate offers all subscribers instant or immediate physical allocation. Once you pay full payment, you get your allocation instantly.

Citi Garden Epe Instant Allocation

What’s the status of Citi Garden Estate Epe?

Citi Garden Estate Epe by Isimi Lagos is very dry and it’s a good buy. No need for sand filling at all.

What is the infrastructure to be provided for in Citi Garden Estate?

The basic estate features or infrastructure are:

Perimeter fencing
Earthen road
Stable Security
Gatehouse, and a lot more

How many square meters does each plot of Citi Garden Estate has?

Citi Garden Estate comes with 600sqm selling for N2M currently and 300sqm selling for N1M respectively.

Can I come to inspect the property?

Of course Yes, I personally advise inspection should be done before the transaction will take place.

There are 2 ways to inspect any property. The 2 ways are either virtual inspection or physical inspection.

Virtual inspection can be done with me through a WhatsApp video call. I have done this severally with all my clients mostly in diaspora.

Physical inspection can be done either you’re available in person or you send a delegate to inspect on your behalf.


Kindly please fill out the form below correctly. Inspection is daily. In the comment or message section, state the date and time you would be available for inspection and also your contact detail for easy communication

What’s next after the Inspection?

The next step after inspection is to make a buying decision and lockdown as many plots as possible. Remember Citi Garden Estate is an instant allocation when payment is paid in full.

So click on the WhatsApp button below to request the company account details to make your payment.

And once you make your payment, you would send a screenshot to me via WhatsApp for proper documentation and follow up

After Payment, What next?

After you make your payment either outrightly or in installments, the next thing is your documentation.

What Documents would I receive after payment?

After successful payment is made, you would be getting your documents such as the Contract of sales, Invoice, Acknowledgment letter, and many more.

Who can buy property in this estate?

Everyone can buy property. Either you are based in Lagos, Nigeria, or you are based in the diaspora you need to own some plots here

Can I buy acres of plots here?

Of course, you can buy acres. 6 plots make an acre. So you can acres or buy 1 plot or even more.

Who should I contact for the payment process?

Definitely, I should be the one you should contact.

You can contact me via WhatsApp. Send a message to me via the WhatsApp button below and state your full name when you send me a message.

Do you have any other questions to ask me? Please do by sending a message to me via WhatsApp

Finally, now that I have shown you the affordable property you can buy in Epe by Isimi Lagos and also sharing boundaries with Alaro City as well. Then I think this is the best time for YOU to key into this property at this time.

Remember the price has a promo now. It’s selling for N2M while the original price is N2.5M. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to own property on this axis.

For further details, inspection bookings, and payment process, please call or WhatsApp Oyedepo Peter on +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen.

Thank you! Don’t miss this offer.