One major place and well-known place in the heart of Lagos is Alaro City which is situated in the Northwest quadrant of the Lekki Free Trade Zone.

If you haven’t heard about Alaro City or you want to know more about Alaro City or you want to invest in Alaro City, then this blog is for you.

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Alaro City Epe Lagos

Alaro City is an integrated mixed-use urban community conceived on 2,000 hectares in the Lekki Free Zone.

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With a C of O, world-class infrastructure, and reliable utilities, the city is changing the face of Lagos and the Lekki axis.

Alaro city has areas for offices, logistics, and warehousing, homes, schools, healthcare facilities, and entertainment, together with over 150 hectares of parks and gardens.

Why Alaro City?

Alaro City: a place to invest

Alaro city is a place to live, work, shop, investment opportunities, a place for entertainment, relaxation, and much more – in a master-planned natural environment coupled with the highest standards of infrastructure.

Where is Alaro City Located in Nigeria?

Alaro city is located along Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos Nigeria.

It is facing the Lekki-Epe Expressway directly, about 15 minutes drive from Eleko Junction and less than 10 minutes drive to Epe T-Junction.

Who is the developer of Alaro City?

Alaro City in Epe, Lagos, Nigeria is developed by Rendeavour in the partnership with Lagos State Government.

Who is the Rendeavour?

Rendeavour is Africa’s largest new city developer, building seven cities on 12,000 hectares of land in strategic countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, and so on.

Rendeavour is currently the developer of Alaro City. And there are companies, industries, and businesses that have come to stay to invest in this city.

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What title does Alaro City have?

The 2,000 hectares of land inside Alaro City has a perfect title which makes it an opportunity for you to invest in Alaro city right now.

The title is a certificate of occupancy (C of O).

What are the services rendered in Alaro City?

Alaro City Epe

The services we are offering or rendering in Alaro City at the moment are summarized below

1. Serviced Residential Plots

Inside Alaro City, there are three (3) different categories of serviced residential plots we will be offering. They are summarized below

a. Low density

These residential serviced plots are called Single Family unit and it consists of the Ground Floor + 1 floor developable. The minimum plot size is 500sqm

b. Medium density

This category of serviced plots inside Alaro City consists of the Ground floor + 2 floors developable. The minimum plot size is 500sqm

c. High density

This category of the serviced plot inside Alaro City consists of the apartment blocks which contain 4 to 6 floors developable (Minimum plot size is 1000sqm)

2. Serviced Commercial Plots

Another service or project rendered inside Alaro City is serviced commercial plots and the minimum purchase land size is 1,000sqm

3. Serviced Mixed-use plots

We also allow mixed-use plots inside Alaro City, Epe, and the minimum purchase plot size is 2,000sqm

4. Serviced Industrial plots

Inside Alaro City, Epe industrial plots are available, and the minimum purchase plot size is4,000sqm

5. Serviced SME plots

We also give room for Small Medium Enterprise (SME) to own as many plots as possible inside Alaro City and the minimum purchase plot size is 1,000sqm

6. Universal One Apartment

And lastly is the universal one apartment is owned by Universal Homes.

These apartments consist of 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments. Watch the video of the 2 and 3 bedroom apartment HERE

What are the prices of land in Alaro City?

The land is available in Alaro city and we have serviced plots of different square meters (SQM).

The minimum sqm is 500sqm and the maximum is 1000sqm.

The local currency of land price in Alaro City is in dollars. So for a 500sqm, the price goes for $55,000 with a flexible payment plan up to 12 months.

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What other real estate investments are within Alaro City?

Investing in property within the Alaro City corridor and vicinity is also a fast way of making money.

Affordable properties with the good title within the Alaro City axis are Lagoon Front Estate by Alaro City, The Capstone Estate, and Oasis Garden phase 2 estate.

Lagos State Government, Mr. Sanwo-Olu spoke about Alaro City Epe in the Lagos State Real Estate Regulatory Authority held in Victoria Island, Lagos.

In summary, the best time to invest and bring your business to Alaro City is now.

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