All You Need to Know About Dukia Africa

Dukia Africa

All you need to know about dukia Africa

It’s no longer news that Dukia Africa is the talk of the town right now. If you haven’t heard about Dukia Africa, you can read HERE to know more about it or chat me up via the WhatsApp button below on Dukia Africa.

In this blog, I will be sharing with you what you need to know about Dukia Africa and also I will be sharing 2 different videos on dukia Africa with you. One video is a personal interview with the developer of Dukia Africa and the second video contains accurate details and what to expect in Dukia Africa.

ATTENTION: Before I share the first video with you, Dukia Africa is going to be the largest and biggest Resort center that would be emerging in the heart of Epe, Lagos.

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One major thing to know about Dukia Africa is the location and the perfect title that it has. As far as real estate is concerned, location and title are major things to look out for.

Dukia Africa is located in Molajoye in Epe just about 1 minute’s drive to Epe-Ikorodu Expressway and about 10-15 minutes drive to Alaro City.

Dukia Africa First Video:

This video talks about everything you need to know about dukia Africa. Watch the video below

All you need to know about Dukia Africa

What Does Dukia Africa mean?

Dukia Africa is a combination of 2 different words, Dukia and Africa. The word Dukia means “Properties” this denotes possession of something.

So in combination, Dukia Africa simply means Properties in Africa and there are many things to expect in Dukia Africa.

What do you expect in Dukia Africa.

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What to expect in Dukia Africa. Watch the full video below

Live session discussion with the MD of Dukia Africa

Currently, Dukia Africa is selling for N22M for 500sqm and N15M for 300sqm respectively. Other sqm available are 150sqm, 200sqm, and also 1 bedroom bungalows.

You can do a lot about 150sqm and 200sqm. Also, you can buy the 1 bedroom bungalow known as Oke Aro Bungalow. Click the WhatsApp button below to know more about the various sqms and the bungalow

Dukia Africa is now selling as a new price. Please see the new flyer for dukia Africa below:

For further details, inspection, and payment plan for Dukia Africa, please call or WhatsApp Peter on +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen.