Bedroom Apartment in Lagos Island with C of O and Governor Consent

3 bedroom terrace
3 bedroom terrace

Shelter is one of the basic needs of man. No matter where you work, no place is at good as home. Owning your own bedroom apartment is always the best way to receive freedom.

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Here in Lagos Island, there is quite a bedroom apartment ranging from 1,2,3,4 and 5 bedroom apartment, bungalow, terrace, detached and semi-detached duplex.

The amazing part is that these apartments offer instalment payment, located in strategic places well developed and all the apartment are well suited.

Here are the lists of bedrooms apartments in Lagos Island that you can own and sleep like a baby with security guarantee and all infrastructure fully in place.

  1. The Ambiance

Location: This is located in Ajiwe Abraham Adesanya. Less than 2min drive from Lekki-Epe expressway and five minutes drive from Victoria garden City Lekki by Lagos business school.

the ambiance
the ambiance

Title: Governor Consent

See Live Video tour to The Ambiance, Abraham Adesanya Estate.

2 bedroom apartment- 27m
2 bedroom terrace duplex- 30m
2 bedroom detached- 35m
3 bedroom terrace duplex + BQ- 39.5m
4 bedroom detached- 55m

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  1. Gracias Residences Goldstone Sangotedo

Location: Off monastery road behind Novare mall ShopRite Sangotedo Lagos.

gracias goldstone
gracias goldstone

With a minimum deposit of 1m you can own your apartment in Gracias Residences Goldstone Sangotedo.

See Live Video tour to Gracias residences Goldstone Sangotedo Ajah Lagos

Fully Finished:
1 bedroom apartment- 13m
2 bedroom apartment- 15.5m
3 Bedroom Bungalow- 24.5m
3 Bedroom Terrace- 30m
4 bedroom terrace- 35m

You can as well buy and build land in Sangotedo, Ajah Lagos. With this, you build yourself without allowing the company for you.

Semi Finished:
1 bedroom apartment- 10.5m
2 bedroom apartment- 12.5m
3 bedroom apartment- 19m
3 bedroom terrace- 22m
4 bedroom terrace- 25m

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  1. Camberwall Court 2 Abijo

Location: inside Abijo GRA. 4 minutes drive from Novare mall (ShopRite Sangotedo)

camberwall court 2.0
camberwall court 2.0

Title: C of O

2 bedroom apartment: 19m
3 bedroom apartment: 24m
3 bedroom terrace with BQ- 31m
4 bedroom semi detached with BQ- 40m

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  1. Vantage Court 2.0

This is just a 3 bedroom duplexes semi detached in Bogije Lekki Lagos.

Location: Bogije Lekki

vantage court 2.0
vantage court 2.0

Title: C of O

Outright (0-6 months)– 30m (All inclusive)

See Live Video tour: vantage court 2.0

Initial deposit: 3m

12 months payment plan– 31m (all inclusive) with initial deposit of 7m

18 months payment plan– 32m (all inclusive) with initial deposit of 10m.

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  1. The signature Abijo Lekki

Location: Abijo less than 10minutes drive from Lekki-Epe Expressway and opposite Corona international school

the signature abijo
the signature abijo, 2 bedroom apartment

Title: C of O

See Video capture of the signature located in Abijo

2 bedroom apartment with BQ- 23.3m
3 bedroom terrace with BQ- 35.5m
3 bedroom penthouse- 38m
5 bedroom fully detached- 55m
5 bedroom terrace- 43m

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6. Everly Apartment Ajah

Location: Lekki Palm City Ajah

everly apartment
everly apartment

Title: Governor Consent

Price: 22.5m

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7. Gracias Residences Moonstone Ibeju Lekki

Location: Okuraiye town by Dangote Refinery

gracias residences moonstone
gracias residences moonstone

Title: C of O

1 bedroom- 7.5m
2 bedroom- 8.5m

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Those apartment offer instalment payment. You can spread your payment to up to 12 months.

Now is the time to own your own apartment. Don’t wait to own your home but own your home and wait.

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