Buying An Off-Plan Property in Lagos; Investments Truths on The Ambiance Ajah


Below are some valid reasons why you should invest in the Ambiance off-plan sales.

👉 You Get at a Significantly Lower Price Below Average:

At the moment, the Ambiance’s selling price starts at 27,000,000. That is a very affordable price for a property of such standard in such a location. This is a juicy deal for those looking to invest in assets that are prone to appreciation.

The Ambiance

Also, the total project delivery time is less than 18 months. Hence, investors are likely to make high returns on investment as soon as possible.

👉 You Can Sell at Completion:

This one of the best ways to make money. Now, think about it, imagine investing your money in trusts or other investment options available to everyone. You will get returns, but none can be compared to this because getting your returns is assured.

The Ambiance Ajah

At the moment, finished properties in the same location as the Ambiance sell for 100% or 200% higher than the Ambiance’s current selling price.

The Ambiance Ajah Lekki

Are you bothered about the outcome of the property? Never mind! You can view the 3D designs and the proposed buildings. You can also experience the awesomeness of the Ambiance in an immersive virtual tour; now there is no excuse for not taking advantage of this opportunity to get so much value out of your investment?

The Ambiance Lekki Lagos

👉 You Make Rental Income For Life:

Did you say, “I want to invest, but I don’t want to live in Lagos”, that’s okay! How about having rental income at the Ambiance and still having that property in your asset portfolio, that sounds great; doesn’t it? Considering the fact that Lagos is one of the most sought after property locations in Nigeria, and that it houses the most expensive city in Africa to live in, your rental income in such a strategic location as the Ambiance is prone to rise from time to time.

The Ambiance

The icing on the cherry top, the Ambiance is located in a neighbourhood with high traffic, and there are rarely properties that stay without tenants. So you can make your rental income immediately after completion.

👉 You Can Tweak The Design of Your Unit:

This should be the number one point, shouldn’t it? One of the advantages of investing in the Ambiance off-plan is that you can get the opportunity to tweak your design.

The Ambiance

You can have it “as you like it”. Let’s say the initial apartment comes with one store, but you want two stores, you can commune with the company about your desired results. Only an off-plan sale affords you that luxury! Being a part of the building process is simply fantastic.

👉 You Can Grow Your Capital:

With this off-plan sale comes a flexible payment plan. You can start with an initial deposit. The Ambiance provides a great way to grow your capital, viewing it as an investment that you have to put your funds in from time-to-time. It’s okay if you do not want to pay all at once. Just commit to it as one of your monthly investment plans and get funds in bulk and a large return on investment in no time.

The Ambiance Ajah Lekki

Why Buy Off-Plan With The Ambiance?

Did you ask, “why the Ambiance?; why not any other property?”. Well, the Ambiance by Tribitat secures your investment. Remember that when investing in a property off-plan, trust is the keyword.

The Ambiance Ajah Lagos

Don’t wait to invest, as every minute counts. Start growing your funds today.

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