Dukia Africa Launch and Helicopter Landing

Dukia Africa Helipad

Dukia Africa had been on prelaunch since July 2022 and finally, the launching took place on Thursday, 15th September 2022. The launching of Dukia Africa wasn’t funny at all because there was heavy rainfall on this fateful day.

An unforgettable event happened on the day of launching which is the landing of a helicopter inside Dukia Africa. I personally witness the event and there was a video recording that I did and I will share it with you shortly.

On the very day of dukia Africa launch, a new price supposes to take place but it was extended till 31st October 2022. And right now the new price had taken effect on 1st Nov. 2022.

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So, I will be sharing two videos with you regarding the dukia Africa launch and the helicopter landing. Take a look at the video of the dukia Africa Resort launching below:

Dukia Africa

Finally, the first helicopter landed inside dukia Africa during the dukia Africa launch. Take a look at the video of the landing of the helicopter in dukia Africa

The helicopter landed in Dukia Africa

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