Land For Sale In Epe, Lagos

Itunu City Estate Launch
Itunu City Estate Launch

One major investment that appreciates over time is “Land.” Land is actually a great asset one can transfer from one generation to another. When thinking of buying land, one has to look at the location. Location is everything as they say in REAL ESTATE. Once you get it wrong in location, you’ve missed it.

Part of my work for over 5 years now in the real estate industry is to guide and help people to buy land in strategic locations for profit maximization and high return on investment. So in this blog, I will focus on a popular location in Lagos where you can buy a property that is affordable with 3 months payment plan without interest on it.

One major location in Lagos, Nigeria to buy property is Epe. Epe is considered the new Lagos. Epe is a developed city with a good road network, easily accessible, landmarks to schools (such as St Augustine University, Yaba Tech), landmarks to major markets, housing estates, alaro city, and a lot more.

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Land is available for sale in Epe and these properties are quite affordable. Epe is a very good place to property and in this article I will be listing to you available land with a good title and payment plans you can buy in Epe, Lagos either for investment, personal use, or for renting.


We have many and numerous land for sale in Epe but the best place to buy land is in an estate. As a real consultant, I have available land for sale for you in a secure estate, a perfect title and the developer of these estates are people of integrity. Few out of many are:

1. Citi Garden Estate 2.0:

Citi garden estate 2.0 is a fast-selling property facing the Ketu-Epe expressway and it is currently selling for 1.6 million naira for 600sqm. Kindly click HERE to buy Citi garden estate 2.0 if your budget is 1.6 million naira excluding the statutory fee. You can click HERE for the statutory fee of Citi Garden 2.0

2. Omoluabi Estate:

Omoluabi estate is currently selling for 1.2 million naira in Ketu, Epe for 600sqm per plot. This is an estate that promises a high return on investment for you. Kindly click HERE to key into omoluabi estate if your budget for a plot of land in Epe is N1.2m excluding the statutory fee.

3. Lagoon Front Estate:

If you’re looking for a lagoon front property in Epe, Lagos then Lagoon Front Estate is the best for you. Lagoon front estate is a residential and commercial estate off the lagoon just adjacent Alaro City before the Epe T-junction.

Lagoon front estate is currently selling for N20m for 500sqm and N25m for the commercial plot as 500sqm. If you’re interested in buying property by the lagoon side, kindly click HERE to send a direct message on WhatsApp HERE.

4. Oasis Garden Phase 1 and 2:

If you’re looking for developed land to buy in Epe, then oasis garden 1 and 2 are the best for you. Oasis garden 1 is selling for N13m and we have 2 and 3-bedroom bungalows for sale as well. Oasis garden 2 is selling for N5m and it’s opposite the oasis garden phase 1. The title of both is Government Allocation C of O

To key into oasis garden 1 or oasis garden 2 or to even know the difference between the two, please send a direct WhatsApp message HERE

5. Dukia Africa:

Dukia Africa is the largest resort ecosystem in the axis of Epe, Lagos. The title of Dukia Africa is C of O. Dukia Africa is currently selling for N22m all inclusive for 500sqm. Kindly click HERE to key into dukia Africa or to know more about it

I will be leaving you with just 5 properties you can get in Epe, Lagos. Those properties are land available for sale in Epe. Out of many, I will list just 5. These five are the best so far I can present to you. And this is more reason why you should not miss out on these amazing estates. Kindly click on the WhatsApp button below to get your own plot or acres of land in Epe.

Do you have questions or any issues about property in Epe, please reach out to me by sending a message to me via the WhatsApp button on your screen and I will be glad to provide adequate answers as fast as I can.

Wish you a prosperous investment in Epe, Lagos. Call/WhatsApp Peter on +234 901 509 4850 to get started now or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen.