List of Properties Owned by Veritasi Homes and Property


List of properties owned by Veritasi Homes and Property

One of the things to consider when buying property is who is selling the property. The company that sells a property matter a lot. So therefore it is my advice to buy property from a company with a track record of delivery and reputation.

One of the best real estate companies or developers in Lagos, Nigeria is Veritasi Homes and Property.

Veritasi homes and property is a registered real estate company in Lagos with amazing properties within Lagos State which are located in a top-notch location with a flexible payment plan.

Some of the houses are fully sold out such as the camberwall advantage phase 1 and camberwall advantage phase 2. Camberwall phase 3 and phase 4 are out but currently the camberwall advantage phase 3 is sales closed.

If you’re looking for property to buy, I recommend to you the property that Veritasi homes and property are selling, and of the time of writing this blog, here are the current property in the market by Veritasi Homes and Property.

1. Itunu Residential:

Itunu Residential is the best estate I can recommend for anyone who wants to buy property in Ibeju-Lekki which also shares a boundary along the Lekki-Epe Expressway with a direct route to Alaro City and Epe respectively.

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Itunu Residential

Itunu Residential is a fast-selling property. Rapid development had started and some infrastructure had been put into places such as the gatehouse, green area, car park roadmap, and a lot more.

Everything about Itunu Residential is written HERE and you can chat with me on the WhatsApp button below:

2. Camberwall Advantage 4:

Camberwall Advantage has 4 phases at the time of writing this blog. The phase 1 and 2 are fully sold out. Phase 3 is sales closed and phase 4 is selling fast right now.

Camberwall Advantage 4 is located off freedom way, Lekki phase 1. And if you’re looking for housing property along the Lekki Phase 1 axis camberwall advantage 4 should be your number 1 priority.

You can read more about camberwall advantage 4 HERE. And for more details about camberwall advantage 4, you can send a message via the WhatsApp button on your screen.

As of today, Veritasi Homes and Property had two active properties in the market.

Veritasi homes and property had property in Abijo GRA by chois garden and it is in 2 phases known as camberwall court 1 and 2 but they’re sold out and fully deliver to the subscribers with people living in there.

Now that you’ve known the properties owned by Veritasi Homes and Property, this is high time you key into any of these properties.

Many of the properties are still on the way. Kindly send me a message to keep you updated whenever Veritasi homes and property launch another property in Lagos.

Don’t be left out in real estate. Choose Veritasi homes and property and choose a wise investment.

Do not hesitate to chat with me directly concerning your investment with us or call Peter on +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen.