List of Properties owned by Zylus Group


List of properties owned by Zylus Group

If you’re looking for one of the best real estate companies in Lagos, Nigeria Zylus Group is one of them and is the best.

Zylus group is a registered real estate company in Lagos, Nigeria with a track record of delivery and property investment.

Zylus group also ventures into property investment known as a “Land Banking Investment Scheme” which gives investors and prospective clients the ability to make their money work for them instead of putting them in the bank.

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Land banking Investment Scheme with Zylus group gives high ROI which you get little or no at all from your bank. Land banking investment could also be referred to as Real Estate Cash Back.

If you’re looking for a means of trading your money, real estate is the best for you. And Zylus is the company you can trust.

Bring that your millions to Zylus to help you trade it in real estate and get over 20% ROI for 12 months. No bank will ever do that for you.

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Zylus group is a real estate company that owns property in Lagos State and outside Lagos State, Nigeria.

The top-notch locations where Zylus group has properties are Lagos State, Ogun State, Enugu, and Abuja the federal capital of Nigeria.

Presently speaking, Zylus properties are top-notch properties you can buy. We have properties in a good location in Lagos mainland and Island.

A few of the properties owned by Zylus Group are:

1. Lekki Pride Estates:

Lekki Pride Estates are in 3 phases. We have Lekki Pride Phase 1, Lekki Pride Phase 2, and Lekki Pride Phase 3. All are located in Abraham Adesanya, Ajah in a good location.

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The Lekki Pride phase 1 is 90% sold out and it is 100% residential estate in terraces, duplexes, and maisonettes. At the time of writing this blog, we only have 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments.

Lekki Pride Phase 2 is also a residential estate. We have 2 and 3-bedroom duplexes, terraces, and semi-detached.

Lekki Pride 2 – Duplexes and Terraces

And while the Lekki Pride 3 is 100% serviced estate. It is 100% dry with a gate and faces the expressway. And just about 2 minutes trek to Lekki Pride 2.

Lekki Pride 2 to Lekki Pride 3

2. Zylus Court and Extension:

Zylus Court and Extension are also 70% completed and about to be sold out. We have a 3-bedroom apartment both bungalows and duplexes available in Zylus Court and Extension.

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Zylus Court Estate

Zylus Court is located inside Richland Garden, Bogije Lekki-Epe Expressway

3. Signum Estate, Eleko Ibeju Lekki:

If you’re looking for a property in Eleko, Ibeju Lekki then signum estate by Zylus Group International is the best for you.

Signum Estate Eleko

With proximity to Eleko Junction, Dangote Fertilizer, Lekki deep-sea port, and among many other developments in the Ibeju Lekki axis, the signum estate is the best for you.

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4. Western Hilltop Estate and Elite Estate:

If you’re looking for property in the mainland region of Lagos State, Zylus Group International got you covered.

Western Hilltop Estate, Alagbado

In Lagos State, Zylus also had property in the heart of the mainland in the Alagbado and Ikorodu regions of Lagos State.

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Western Hilltop Estate is located in Alagbado and Elite Estate is located in Ikorodu.

In case you are interested in buying property in any of these locations on the mainland, send a WhatsApp message below

5. Hilton City, Abuja

Another fantastic and prime location Zylus Group had property is Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria.

In Abuja, we have both land and houses available for sale in this premium location and it’s directly facing the expressway.

Hilton City, Abuja

So if you’re interested in buying property in Abuja, kindly send a message via the WhatsApp button on your screen

In summary, Zylus Group had more properties you can key into. All these properties offered a flexible payment plan

For more details, inspection, and payment into any Zylus Group properties, click on the WhatsApp button on your screen or call +234 901 509 4850