Oke Aro Bungalow: 1 Bedroom in Dukia Africa

Oke Aro Bungalow

If you are looking for a 1 bedroom bungalow to buy in Epe, this article is the best for you. It’s no longer news that Dukia Africa is now selling very fast in the city of Epe Lagos.

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Link 2: All you need to know about Oke Aro Bungalow in Dukia Africa; a 1 bedroom bungalow with 3 months payment plan without interest.

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OKE ARO BUNGALOW is a 1 bedroom resort bungalow that is built on 50sqm of land. Oke aro bungalow is a spacious apartment that comes with a sitting room, and massive kitchen space and will definitely be surrounded by a green area.

Oke aro bungalow

Oke Aro bungalow is selling for N12m per unit. With an initial deposit of N2m, you can key into the oke aro bungalow for 6 months interest-free. So now is the best time to key into oke aro bungalow.

GOOD NEWS: 150sqm and 200sqm are now available in Dukia Africa where you can build your own bungalow. Check out how many units of bungalow you can build with 150sqm and 200sqm of land respectively

Take a look at the video about the oke aro bungalow. The MD of Evermark Homes and Properties, the developer of dukia Africa, and Oke Aro bungalow explain in detail about oke aro bungalow. Watch the video right now.

Oke Aro Bungalow

There’s good news for you! The good news is that you can buy either 150sqm or 200sqm of land and build your own 1 bedroom bungalow in case you want to build to your satisfaction. Watch the above video. The MD also talks about the 150sqm and 200sqm of land available in Dukia Africa.

ATTENTION: Inside Dukia Africa, 1 bedroom bungalow can fetch your a rental income yearly or you can buy for short let or Airbnb. And also you can allow the company to build for you or you build for yourself. Click on the WhatsApp button below to get started.

Oke aro bungalow is fast selling and many investors are taking the advantage of it. for more information, inspection, and payment details, please call or WhatsApp Peter at +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen to get started.