Real Estate Cashback

Real Estate Cashback
Real Estate Cashback

Real Estate Cashback

One of the surest way, easiest way, convenient ways, and effortless ways to invest in real estate is through real estate cashback.

Real Estate Cashback is an investment scheme initiated to enable investors to invest their money for a high return on investment within a period of time usually 6-12 months.

Real Estate Cashback is profitable because your money works for you while you go to bed and sleep. So this is a great opportunity for investors to key into real estate cash back.

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With the high return on investment, you get from real estate cash back, no bank can give you such a return on investment so it’s wise to bring that your money into real estate and stop saving it in the bank with little or no interest on it.

Real Estate Cashback. (August Edition)


Inflation is on the increase and seems not to back down anytime soon. Hmmm.

What you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to invest in REAL ESTATE CASH BACK offers that have a track record of back-to-back success and deliver maximum return on investment.

Real Estate Cashback

The Real Estate Cash Back checks all the boxes and is the bankable partner to grow your wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

With the August buy-to-resell offer on Lekki Pride III, you get to invest your funds and earn juicy dividends after 12 months to achieve financial freedom

You can get started with a minimum of N500,000 and take it as high as N100,000,000

2 Categories for August Real Estate Cashback:


What you are doing when you invest in REAL ESTATE CASH BACK is called REAL ESTATE TRADING.

This allows you to buy SQM of land in our partner estate Lekki Pride III, hold for 12 months and resell for profit!

When you put in the minimum of N500,000 – 19,999,999, you will get after 12 months a dividend of 30%, interesting right?

Now see the sample below

500,000 will get you 5.3SQM for resale at 650,000

1,000,000 will get you 10.6SQM for resale at 1,300,000

10,000,000 will get you 106.4SQM for resale at 13,000,000

15,000,000 will get you 159.6SQM for resale at 19,500,000

For more, kindly look at the chart below:

Real Estate Cashback – 1st Category


When you put 20,000,000 – 100,000,000, you will get after 12 months a dividend of 33%, interesting right?

Now see the sample below

20,000,000 will get you 212.8SQM for resale at 26,600,000

50,000,000 will get you 531.9SQM for resale at 66,500,000

85,000,000 will get you 904.3SQM for resale at 113,050,000

100,000,000 will get you 1063.8SQM for resale at 133,000,000

For more, kindly look at the chart below:

Real Estate Cashback Dividend – 2nd Category

To get started, please call or WhatsApp Peter on +234 901 509 4850 to key into any of the above categories or click on the WhatsApp button below:

I have also written 20 frequently asked questions about real estate cashback. You can easily read through them also.

Aside from investing your money into cash back, you will also be receiving an incentive as a token of saying thank you for investing in real estate cash back.

The incentive is on monthly basis Take a look at the incentive for the month of August

Real Estate Client Award

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So let’s say, for instance, you invested 10 million nairas for 12 months, and you will be getting 30% of 10 million nairas as a dividend aside from your initial capital at the maturity rate.

If there is one thing we all agree on while considering the current economic situation of the country it is the fact that deliberate investment is key for wealth generation such as real estate cash back or land banking investment.

Real estate investment is that option smart investors have taken and have benefited hugely from. Now the question is, would you take this smart route too?

Take advantage of the Real Estate Cash back offer on Lekki Pride II today! A real estate trading opportunity where you buy SQM of land, hold for 12 months, and resell for a dividend of 28%.

Get started with as low as 500,000 and you can even decide to take it higher. Now is the best time to get started.

We have tremendous testimony about this real estate cashback for over 3 years now, clients and investors have been able to cash out their money with the rest of their minds without any worries.

See a few testimonies chat with the investors below:

5 Reasons why you should invest in real estate cashback:

  1. Real Estate Cashback gives you a high ROI compared with what the bank will give to you. So it’s wise to go for real estate cashback by zylus than putting your money in the bank.
  1. With your 28% dividend and your capital you can use it to buy property once you cash out at the maturity date
  2. You beat inflation: investing your money in real estate is safe and secure. The property will always appreciate.
  3. You smile to the bank. While your colleagues who refuse to invest their money in real estate are lamenting, you keep smiling because your money is working for you and you’re getting your money at 12 months with interest.
  4. Planing for the money you invested. If you have a long-term plan or a career to pursue or a business to start in 12 months’ time and you have the money now and you’re not ready to do so. Bring that money into real estate and let it for you instead of putting it in the bank and it keeps depreciating.

There are many reasons I can give you but these 5 reasons are quite enough for you to invest in real estate cashback. Invest now and smile later

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