4 Steps In Real Estate Investment


Welcome, dear real estate investors. From my experience in the real estate sector have realized the major issues and problems of investors. Many don’t actually know what the steps really are when it comes to real estate properties or buying a land property in any location. To buy land is easy but actually knowing the steps to be taken is the key part.

A lady was chatting with me a few weeks ago telling me how she lost a huge amount of money just because she wanted to buy a piece of land in Ibadan, capital of Oyo State, Nigeria. She was so distressed that she fell into their hand. Then I told her that she fell into their hands simply because she didn’t know the steps required in buying a land property. The fact that there are fake and scammers tell us that that there is an original and genuine real estate consultant who is loyal, faithful, and truthful.

I am Oyedepo Peter, your real estate consultant, I will be telling you this day about the four steps needed to invest in real estate. These four steps when properly put in place will produce a massive profit in your investment.

Top Locations in Lagos State that you can Buy Property

One of the major factors to be considered in real estate is Location. And one of the major locations in Nigeria where you can buy property for high ROI is Lagos State most especially properties facing the expressway and property with good title and Government approved documents

  1. Ilasamaja, Mushin Lagos State: Ilasa is a developed city located within the Mushin environment in Lagos State. Buying property in Treasure Homes at Ilasamaja Mushin would yield massive return on investment. There is a 3 bedroom apartment that is fast selling in ilasamaja in Treasure Homes Estate with C of O as it title and in partnership with Mushin Local Government. Read more about Treasure Homes Estate HERE
  2. Alagbado, Ikola Road, Lagos: Alagbado, command area is another area in Lagos State that you can buy and invest in real estate. In this location you can buy a land for as low as 4 million naira for 300sqm and also a 2 and 3 bedroom duplex in Treasure Hilltop Estate. Read more about Treasure Hilltop HERE
  3. Ikoyi, Lagos: Ikoyi is one of the best location where people both in Nigeria and diaspora invest in. Buying property in Ikoyi, Lagos would definitely yield an high ROI. Parkview Estate, Ikoyi and Osbourne are top places in Ikoyi that people buy houses. Most of the house here are high rise. Read more about estate located in Ikoyi HERE
  4. Lekki Phase 1, Lagos: Another vital place that can not be overemphasize in Lagos is Lekki. Property selling in Lekki are top-notch. You can buy property in this Lekki for SHORT-LET and for personal use. There are numerous estate in Lekki Phase 1 and also in Ikate Lekki that you can key into. The affordable ones are Ambiance Height Estate, Camberwall Advantage 3 and 4, Mufasa Lifestyle Apartment, Ikate Lekki, Ruby Apartment 2 and 3 and so on.
  5. Chevron, Lagos: Another good location in Lagos State is Chevron. In chevron you can get a 2 bedroom apartment with a BQ in Wasky Edge Apartment which is already yielding a massive ROI. Read more about Wasky Edge Apartment HERE
  6. Ajah, Lagos: Ajah is a popuplar place in Lagos Island. Not just a popular place but a place suitable for real estate investment. Most affordable properties in Ajah that you can key into are: Genesis Court phase 2, Gracias Goshenite, Paragon Terraces and Duplexes, and Lekki Pride 2
  7. Sangotedo, Awoyaya, and Bogije, Lagos: These 3 locations are also places where investors buys property. Estate that offers property in these locations are: Gracias Goldstone Residences, Ardent Prime Estate, Irving Park Residence and Zylus Court and Extension.
  8. Eleko and Ibeju Lekki, Lagos: One fastest way in getting high ROI in Lagos is by investing in Eleko and Ibeju Lekki respectively. Properties in these locations are: Gracias Morganite Estate, Delight Estate, Edge Villa Estate, Wazobia Estate Ibeju Lekki and Gemstone Estate Ibeju Lekki.
  9. Alaro City and Epe, Lagos: Another good location in Lagos State to buy property is Alaro City and also in Epe. Epe is where people are going to for investment and this is the reason why you need to own and invest in Epe. Inside Alaro city you can own plots of land and houses as well and you can as well know everything details about the alaro city and also estate within the corridor. Properties in Epe that you can invest in include: Oasis Garden Phase 2, Aces Bungalow, D-bricks apartments and Capstone scheme 2.

Here are the Four steps in Real Estate Investment

  1. YOUR BUDGET: The very first steps in investing in real estate is your budget. By budget I mean how much do you have with you, how much is your income or saving, how much can you afford? Don’t embark on any real estate investment you can’t afford. The other alternative when budgeting is, paying on installment. When payment is on installment purpose, you need to plan very well.
  2. LOCATION: Yes, location matters a lot. Your budget will determine which location you are investing in. Note that a city or town will generates more money than in the village. Also let me tell you this that in real estate, there is nothing like bush. Every bush will in turn become a city. So location needs to be considered when investing. Don’t just put your money anywhere. Ask yourself this question, Why am I choosing this particular location and not somewhere else?
  3. INSPECTION: This is very important in real estate. Don’t buy any land property you have not inspect either personally or someone you trust so much to inspect on your behalf probably your wife. In fact it’s advisable you go there yourself. But in a situation whereby you have a tight schedule and you needed to buy the land at that very moment make sure you have a representative to go there and inspect for you. But in the process where you’ve gain trust from the company or you’ve once bought a plot of land from them, then you can go ahead without inspecting. Another vital option of inspection is through virtual inspection
  4. PROPER INFORMATION: Information and gathering of data is very much necessary when investing in real estate. Never buy a land property when you’ve never gather enough information firstly about the person selling it (Agent or consultant), secondly about the company or the owner of it, thirdly about the office address of the company and lastly about knowing how genuine the land is.


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We wish you a better and fruitful investment in real estate.

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