Seven differences between real estate agent and real estate consultant

land inspection
land inspection

There is a huge differences between a real estate agent and consultant. If you’re into property or real estate investors, you need to know this and read this post to the end.

From my experience in real estate industry, have come across with series of questions from client and investors. One of which is “different between an agent and a consultant.” I have hereby come to write and guide you on this topic. It is Paramount you understand these two terms in real estate industry

As a real estate consultant, my work is to guide you and put you through when it come to real estate or buying a property. Here are the seven differences between a real estate agent and real estate consultant

  1. Real estate agent always demand for agency fee while real estate consultant doesn’t demand agency fee.

The agency fee from an agent is mostly 10% or thereabouts. Just imagine you’re buying a property of about 10million naira and you’re told to pay a 10% of that money again. How would you feel? Why pay extra hundred thousand when you can save such amount of money. A real estate consultant would never demand for that.

  1. Real estate agent are not always after documentation; they’re always after the land and the sales it brings. While a consultant will always be after documentation such as Excision, Governor Consent, Gazzete, Global C of O and so on.

Knowing the title of a land is what you must consider before buying any property anywhere in the world. Any marketer or company that could not boldly declare the title of a land to you is a scammer and you must run for their dear life.

However some agents do not run after documentation, all what they’re after is the land. They never make enquiry of what the title is. Anytime you want to buy a land please be aware of the documentation and title as well.

  1. Real estate agent doesn’t have much to do with company, they probably look for a selling land and start selling. But a real estate consultant will ensure all land he/she is selling belong to a company.

Buying from a real estate company is always the best. Most of the real estate company do accept instalment payment so by from a company. However when making the decision to buy from a company, you need to be careful of any company you’re dealing with.

Sureland Realtors can help you help with the genuine company you can trust. These companies are trustworthy and of high reputation.

  1. Real estate agent can go to any length to market a property without proper investigation such as Title, legal documents and so on. While a real estate consultant will never market a property without proper Investigation.

Like I said earlier on, never buy a land from someone who won’t tell you the legal documents you will receive. A lot of people have fall a victim of this agent. They bought a land but no documents to show. Receipt of payment is never enough. Let there be a signed legal documents transaction between you and wherever you’re buying from. Most importantly, buy from a company like sureland realtors.

  1. If a real estate agent scam you, it is very difficult to trace them because you can’t trace them to a root of the company they work for. While a real estate consultant can be easily trace to the company he work with.

Some real estate agent doesn’t have company they partner for not t talk of having an office. Sometimes its hard to trace back a real estate agent but a consultant can be trace back to the office.

Whenever you intend to buy a property or someone want to buy on your behalf make sure the office are well noticed.

  1. Sometimes a real estate agent can hide other statutory fee such as Deed of assignment, survey and developmental fee. But a real estate consultant will never hide anything from you.

Every genuine company must be plain to you when it come to other statutory fee

Statutory fee are deed of assignment, survey and developmental fee. These fees are included in any property you intend to buy. Most genuine real estate company provide this. So you need to be aware of these statutory fee.

  1. An agent will ask you to send money to his bank account while a consultant will ask you to send money to the company account.

Money paid are not refundable. Once you pay you pay. No where in Nigeria where they refund money when you purchase a land or anything.

You’ve seen a tag such as “No goods are refundable.” That’s is how real estate operate too. No money refundable. So in the aspect of payment, you need to be extra ordinary careful. Think twice before you pay. Trust the person, land and the company to some extent before payment.

Never buy a property from someone who gives you his/her personal bank details for transaction. Anyone who is serious in business will have a business or company account details. There must be a different between personal and business account.

But however, in a situation when you have to send money to a personal account, make sure such person is trustworthy and you’re rest assure your money is save and portfolio

In summary, never purchase a property without knowing the company and inspecting the land your self or sending a delegate on your behalf in case you are the busy type.

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