Seven Estate Features to look for when investing in Real Estate

amen estate facilities
amen estate facilities

As a real estate consultant, am bringing this piece of information across to you FREE of CHARGE. This is what real estate consultant like me charge for a FEE.

Do you love real estate? Or it is in your plan to one day buy land property for either commercial or residential purpose. Then this short article is for you.

I will be disclosing to you seven vital features you must pay attention to wherever you want to buy a land from any person or from a company.

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Now back to business. Here are seven estate features you must consider or look for before investing or buying any land property 👇👇👇

  1. Solid foundations and good road:

You don’t want to be staying in a place where the road are totally bad and has a faulty foundation. Remember if the foundation is faulty, what can the righteous do?

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the ambiance development update
the ambiance development update

So consider investing in a property with good foundation and that is why off plan properties is the best option for you. See 6 reasons to invest in off plan property

  1. High fence Wall and gated:

You want a more secured place. Isn’t it? You want a place or an area that is well fenced, gated and barb wire across the fenced.

ambiance ajah
the ambiance ajah

So always make sure any land property you will be investing on is well fenced and gated

Queen garden eleko
queen garden estate eleko ibeju lekki
  1. 24/7 Electricity supply:

This is very Paramount and Important in a country like Nigeria. Electricity supply is necessary unless you love darkness. But I trust you, you hate darkness with passion just like me.

queen garden estate eleko
the ambiance

So why stay in darkness when real estate company can provide you 24/7 light even without buying a solar or generation.

westbury homes bogije
  1. 24/7 Security:

This is needed especially in Nigeria. It’s not only the politicians that need security, you need one too. Get secured and get saved. Thieves and hooligans are everywhere so to avoid being a slave in their hands always look for an estate that has or promises you security.

camberwall advantage ikate lekki
  1. Good title and Documentation:

This is Paramount, you won’t want anyone to harass you in the nearest future that where are your documents? You need to understand what deed of assignment is

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vantage court
vantage court 2.0
  1. Neighborhood:

This is important. Don’t isolate yourself. Live where people are living and buy land where people are buying land. You need people and people need you. You need neigbour you share ideas with.

camberwall court: 3 bedroom bungalow
camberwall court: 3 bedroom bungalow
  1. Development/Appreciating:

This is very much important. Have a foresight that the place will develop in the next one or two years. The beauty of real estate is when you see that your property is appreciating

Every city you see was once a bush. Every developed place was once undeveloped. No bush in real estate. Every towns and location will one day develop.

So discover a place that you can invest in for fast return on investment. I have many properties under my custody. I can give you property you can invest in for high return on investment.

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So, I have shown you six estate features you must look out for whenever you want to buy any land property anywhere in the world.

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