Six reasons to own a plot of land in Lagos


Good day, my name is Peter Oyedepo. My job as a real estate consultant is to guide you. From my experience in the real estate industry, I will be telling you six good reasons why you need to own a plot of land in Lagos.

It is no longer news that the world billionaire actually has something to do with land or real estate. No billionaire you will see that doesn’t have real estate.

For this reason, I have pen down six reasons why you need to own a plot of land or buy more lands if you ever own one before. One amazing factor to look at when buying land is Location.

Location such as Lekki, Ajah, Sangotedo, Epe and Ibeju Lekki where Dangote Refinery is ongoing are good places you can own a plot of land. If you didn’t have land in this location you need to have one. If you have one already, buy more again from sureland realtors.

Here are the six reasons to own a land property in Lagos

1. Price would soon increase because of the amazing development.

Land price is not static, they are dynamic. A land of 2m now will increase any time any day once development set in. Why wait till then? Is it not better to buy now than to buy later?

Amen Estate Price Increase

For example Amen Estate Phase 2. This estate was 15 million naira in 2018. 2020 it was 17million per plot. And by 2021 it will be going for 20 million naira per 600sqm. You see the increase in price. Right?

There are quite number of clients in 2018 who were complaining that the price is too high. They were waiting to buy not knowing that in real estate we buy and wait. Now a plot of land in Amen Estate Phase 2, Eleko Ibeju Lekki is now going to be 20 million naira in 2021.

The greatest mistake you can ever make in real estate business is to wait before buying land.

2. It will appreciate faster than you think. Over 100% return on investment.

Land or real estate can give you a massive return on investment. Land appreciate faster. People must have shade over themselves. Businesses must be established, there will be immigration and emigration. People are not static, there must be movement. If people won’t move business will make them to move.

So as a result of this, land will appreciate faster. So you need to own a plot now or you buy more.

3. You can pay installment. Instalment payment is the fastest means of locking down a plot of land.

You don’t have to pay all the money at once. You can pay installment. You can spread your money within the range of 3,6,12 and 18 months depending on where and estate you want to buy from.

installment payment

Instalment payment is the best option you can go for if you can’t afford to get a whole plot at once.

However, if you can’t afford the payment at once without any side effects on your side. Go ahead and pay outright.

Also, be aware that instalment payment does attract interest as well. But most time the interest is not more than 5%. And also paying outright could also be within three to six months. This is always better to go for if outright payment is within the range of three month

Bedroom apartment with instalment payment in Ajah, Sangotedo Bogije and Ibeju Lekki.

4. So that you can become a landowner and join the real estate investors league.

If you have bought land before, buy one again. But this time around buy from sureland realtors. If you have bought one, buy two, if you buy two, buy three, if you have an acre, buy hectare, if you have hectare, buy a mansion.

real estate squad

Keep buying property. If that’s what you will only do in life, you are already a billionaire. The secret of billionaires is hidden in more properties they have.

Never be satisfied with one plot. No wealthy man is satisfied with a plot. They keep buying more and more. And because of this, they give getting more money for themselves.

real estate multiply wealth

This is how to multiply your wealth in real estate. Start with a plot. Sell the plot, add little or no money to it to buy two plots. Sell the two plots again and use the profit you generated to buy more lands for yourself.

Don’t only buy land for yourself, buy land for your parents and your children. The best gift you can give to your loved ones is Land.

5. Land is an asset that your unborn generation will live to enjoy.

Pour your hard earn money in real estate because it’s an asset. Your generation will forever be grateful to you.

land is an asset

Am always grateful for my grandfather because, before he died he left a big rental apartment for the family in Lagos. And presently the whole family is enjoying cool cash from the rental apartment. Is that not awesome?

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Land is an asset, not a liability. It pays back. Though it may not be easy at first, but you will live to enjoy it. Why spend your money on iPhone, fashion, groceries and pieces of jewellery?

When you know a plot of land is an asset. Flashing things are good but ask yourself do you have a plot of land. Before you buy those expensive clothes, phones, pieces of jewellery etc ask yourself this question. Have I bought a land?

6. Land is a stream of income.

Your stream of income is not complete if you don’t have land. Land is so special that everyone on earth can own at least one. I want you to own a plot of land simply because it is a stream of income on its own.

land multiply wealth

Land multiply wealth. Land makes you prosper. Land gives you peace of mind. Buy land and thank me later. If you have, buy more.

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In conclusion, This is the best time to own a property in Lagos. If you don’t have, or you want to own one. Meet me via WhatsApp by clicking on the WhatsApp button on your screen or contact us on 09015094850

Do you have any comment, suggestion or you want to share one or two thing, kindly meet me in the comment box below.

Warm regard,

Peter Oyedepo (MD/CEO sureland realtors)