Three reasons to own your bedroom apartment in Lagos Island

4bedroom semi detached duplex Ajah
4bedroom semi detached duplex Ajah

Everyone wants a shield over his head. Lagos is one of the most popular states in Nigeria so everyone needs a building to be erected on over their head. As crowded as Lagos is, it is expedient one needs a shield over ones head.

Below are the reasons why you must own your bedroom apartment. The amazing part is that apartment in Lagos Island are not that too expensive and also you can pay Installment.

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1. You’re free from tenant pay and troubles; thereby making you a landlord and saving your costs in terms of house rent.

tenant freedom

So owing an apartment in Lagos will safe you from all these.

2. You get more time in planning your life.

The major secret about the rich is that they plan. Planning require a quiet and cool atmosphere. You can’t plan effectively when there are noises around you. Loosing focus will set in when you can’t plan adequately.

For these reasons, to plan your life, destiny and business, you need a conducive environment where you will be focus with zero interruption.

Are you looking for a place where there’s zero disturbance and 100% focus? Then consider owning an apartment in Lagos Island. Sureland Realtors can help you out for that. They can sorts out bedroom apartment for you in a location like ikorodu, Lekki, Ajah, Sangotedo, Bogije, Epe, Eleko and Ibeju Lekki

Planning is the beginning of achieving success in life. Without planning it is quite difficult to achieve greatness. Every great thing start from planning. So for every effective planning, a cool apartment is needed to execute that.

3. No more embarrassment from co-tenant

If you have ever lived in a rented apartment like face me I face you or face me I slap you, you will definitely know what am talking about. I was born and brought up in this environment so I know how embarrassing it used to be.

Just imagine someone passing across with a toilet bowl beside or five to ten people sharing the same toilet and kitchen together. It won’t be easy because you don’t have any sake in such an environment. If you dear try to raise a voice you will be disgraced and embarrass.

So to avoid being disgrace and embarrassment, you need to own an apartment in a strategic location like Lagos Island.

In summary, you need to start making move on how you can own your own apartment. If you own one, own another or buy another one as a gift to someone.

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Written by Peter Oyedepo (CEO/MD sureland realtors)