Top 10 Features in Dukia Africa Resort

Dukia Africa Helipad

It’s no longer news that Dukia Africa is the largest resort center not only in Lagos, Nigeria but in Africa at large. Dukia Africa was introduced as a prelaunch price and over 130 plots were sold out. And on the 15th of September 2022, Dukia Africa was launched into the market. The video below was recorded during the physical launching of dukia Africa.

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Before I go into the top features of Dukia Africa Resort. One major event happened during the physical launching of dukia Africa, and that is the helicopter landing inside the helipad right in the estate. Watch the video below to see the physical landing of a helicopter in dukia Africa.


There are features and benefits you should know before you buy dukia Africa. And if peradventure you’ve bought some plot of land in Dukia Africa, I say a very big congratulation to you and if you intend to buy more or you’re about to buy. Please send a direct message via the WhatsApp button below:

Here are the top 10 features in dukia Africa you should know and these are the features that would be present inside dukia Africa. Some had been done already and some are yet to be done.


Inside dukia Africa, the significant feature that will attract buyers and investors is the Helipad. The good news is that the helipad is 100% completed and it is functioning. The first helicopter landed during the launching. Watch the video above where the helicopter is landing inside the helipad.


One major factor that contributes to longevity is exercise and sport. Here in dukia Africa, we have put all of these into consideration. In dukia Africa, a golf course will be provided and I believe you won’t want to miss this opportunity out.

3. A ZOO:

Wao! This is going to be interesting. Dukia Africa is divided into district 1 and district 2. District 2 is where you would be having more of these features and one of it is the zoo. The experience will be great. Imagine you taking your children and family to have a glance look at the zoo. Take advantage of this opportunity HERE


You definitely don’t want to miss this out. Inside dukia Africa, you have the privilege to enjoy these features. Do you know you have a better advantage to enjoy these features and pay a discount price when the need arises? And that’s why you need to own a plot or more in dukia Africa. Get started HERE


In Dukia Africa, 24 hours light is going to be possible. Whether you buy residential plots or commercial plots which attract an extra 30% fee, you have the privilege to enjoy 24 hours of light. Key into this privilege by getting started HERE


We know the issues facing the country where Dukia Africa is located, so we have provided maximum security for you. There are security agencies we will partner with, and you and your property are well secured.

If you’re living in the diaspora such as the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada and you’re reading this article. You need to get some piece of land for retirement right inside dukia Africa. Dukia Africa is a property you need to add to your portfolio. Kindly click HERE to get started.


In Dukia Africa, the perimeter fencing is 100% completed and done. The gatehouse for both districts is about 90% completed. You are rest assured of your property when you buy into dukia Africa.

Dukia Africa
Dukia Africa launch


Epe itself has a good road network so also is dukia Africa. The road to dukia Africa is motorable and from the express highway to dukia Africa the road is accessible.


Inside dukia Africa, the drainage system has been put into consideration. Clean water and drainage system are among the top features you should expect.


Expect absolute brightness during the day or at night inside dukia Africa. Street light in and out of the estate is a major facility you should expect in dukia Africa.

ATTENTION: Dukia Africa is the largest resort center in Africa. The whole world will be coming down to dukia Africa and with the help of helicopters in dukia Africa, you can get to dukia Africa in 10-15 minutes’ time. It is only those who invest their money right now will enjoy and smile at last.

Inside Dukia Africa, we have various sqm of land available and even an average person can own the smallest sqm here. We have 500sqm, 300sqm, 200sqm, and 150sqm respectively and in addition, we have 1-bedroom bungalows known as Oke Aro Bungalow for sales as well.

With an initial deposit of 3,500,000 nairas, you can key into your desired sqm within 3 months without interest. Kindly click on the WhatsApp button below to get started.

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For further inquiry, inspection, and details about dukia Africa, please call or WhatsApp Peter on +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen.