Top 5 Companies Inside Alaro City, Epe Lagos


Top 5 Companies Inside Alaro City, Epe Lagos

Alaro city is one of the fastest places for investors and business owners to own their businesses.

Alaro City is known as a place where you can Live, Work and Invest.

Alaro City

If you’re looking for a residential estate, commercial estate, and investment estate in Lagos, Alaro City is the best for you and this is all you need to know about Alaro City Epe Lagos and also there is a quick tour to Alaro city where you can see the inside and outside of the city

Now is the best time to bring in your business and buy land in this city because we have many companies in Africa who have brought in their business in this city and they are enjoying the massive benefits.

In this blog, I will be sharing with you shortly the top 5 companies inside Alaro City, Epe Lagos.


Ariel Foods FZE built the largest Ready-To-Eat-Therapeutic Food Production Facility in Africa at Alaro City.

From the expressway, you would be seeing this company. They manufacture the food right in Alaro City and distribute it to their customer within the State.


The most popular BUA GROUP that we all know also have their brand in this city.

Starium (BUA Group) is building a massive detergent factory in the industrial district at Alaro City which when completed will provide jobs and opportunities for thousands of Nigerians.


The Rungas Group is an integrated gas company currently operating in multiple locations in Nigeria and in some other Africa countries.


Kaptain Foods is a food processing company established in 2015 to produce a blend of pre-cooked and packaged food products to serve the needs of families around the world.

Coming to Alaro City will ensure they continue to focus on what they love to do – nourishing families


Cargo Solutions (a subsidiary of leading German Logistics Group, Quick Cargo Services) are also operating inside the Alaro City Epe Lagos.

Now that you have seen the top 5 companies inside Alaro City, Epe Lagos. This is the best time for you to bring your company into this city.

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3 Important Questions for you!

When are you coming down to Alaro city to invest?

When do you want to start making money by buying land and establishing your business or company in Alaro City?

When are you bringing down your company into this city?

The best answer is Now.

You can own as many plots of land in this city and you can also invest by buying 2 and 3 bedroom apartments inside the Alaro city. Watch the video of the 2 and 3 bedroom apartment in Alaro city HERE

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