Top 7 Towns in Epe For Property Appreciation

Epe town
Epe town

Lagos State is made up of 5 administrative division and 20 Local Governments. Epe is one of the 5 administrative divisions and also a local Government. So this mean, Epe is a place that is suitable for property appreciation.

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I will be listing out top 7 towns in Epe, Lagos that you can buy property and the property would yield a massive return on investment. People are moving down to Epe to buy land and houses and so therefore it’s important to know some certain places to buy property. We have about more than 20 towns in Epe but I will be listing out just 7 out of them all.

Investment in Epe town
Investment in Epe town

1. POKA, Epe: Poka is a very good place to buy property in Epe. And the Atlantic Hall in Epe is located just off the Poka road Epe. Oasis Garden and Oasis Court estate are located in Poka, Epe

2. IBONWO, Epe: Ibonwo is also a very good place to buy property in Epe.

3. ITOIKIN, Epe: Itoikin is also a town just along Ketu Epe road. There are over 7 estates in this axis. Few among many are Ore Estate, The Glades, Naevia Town, and many more.

4. ILARA, Epe: Ilara is also a town in Epe to buy property. Along this axis is where we have the St Augustine University.

5. ODORAGUSIN, Epe: Odoragusin is also a great place that guarantee property appreciation. Around this axis, we have the Yaba Tech Campus, Epe.

6. EJIRIN, Epe: Ejirin is also a town in Epe

7. SALA MOLAJOYE: Sala Molajoye is a town in Epe. This town became popular when Dukia Africa Estate came in. Sala Molajoye is where Dukia Africa Resort and its 1 bedroom Oke Aro Bungalow are located.

In summary, we have more than 20 towns or villages in Epe. The above 7 are just few out of many. We also have the Alaro City and Lagoon Front in Epe as well.

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