Understanding Real Estate Cashback in Lagos

real estate cashback

Understanding Real Estate Cashback in Lagos

Real estate cashback in Lagos is a type of investment that allows you to earn a percentage of the profit made on the sale of a property. In Lagos, Nigeria, there are some real estate companies that offer this type of investment for people.

Real estate cashback is putting in your money into a property and getting a certain percentage at the end of your mature period. For example, you can invest N100,000,000 and at the end of the 12 months, you get 35% interest.


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What your money is used for?

In real estate cashback, the money invested is used for developing properties, and the profit is shared among investors. When you do property cashback investment, you do not own a physical property but rather you are a co-investor in the property. This means that you have a share in the estate when the company sells

The duration for your investment is 6 months minimum and 12 months maximum. When the investment matured, the company disburses your money to the bank account details you provided during your registration.

ATTENTION: Instead of putting your money in the bank, you can put the money into real estate and let is work for you. For more details about property cashback and land banking, send us a direct WhatsApp message below.

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Real Estate Cashback Dividend Sharing Formula for July 2023 edition

There are monthly rate formulas for the property cashback with Zylus. The month of July is displayed below.

Overall, property cashback can be a great way to earn a passive income for property investors. For more details, please call or WhatsApp Peter at +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen.

Peter Oyedepo

Peter Oyedepo is an award-winning realtor in Lagos, Nigeria and the lead consultant of Sureland Realtors (RC 2004840). He helps people both in Nigerians and in the diaspora to invest in real estate for profit maximization.