What Does All-inclusive mean in Real Estate?

What does All-inclusive mean in real estate?

Often time, people ask me what does the word “all-inclusive means in real estate“?

The word all-inclusive is a popular term in real estate. It is mostly used when the price of a property is initiated alongside other statutory fees that needed to be paid by the subscribers or investors.

What is a Statutory fee?

A statutory fee is an extra charge needed to be paid by someone who wants to buy property from a real estate developer or company.

A statutory fee is not meant to be hidden. So endeavor you ask either the developer or any realtor if there are other charges to be paid for.

If you’re buying from a company, you will surely be asked to pay a statutory fee, a compulsory fee to get allocated.

Some developers combine the price of a property with the statutory fee to be paid. This process is called all-inclusive.


What’s All-inclusive?

All-inclusive is a process whereby a real estate developer combines the price of a property with that of the statutory fee to be paid.

Most time the all-inclusive price is better and preferable because it prepares your mind to know all the money you would be paying.

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When a property is having all-inclusive as a price tag, it means you’re not paying any other money aside from the money you saw that was displayed.

Statutory Fees are compulsory fees you pay after buying that property you bought. It is mandatory for you to pay them. The fees include the Documentation fee, the Survey fee, and the Developmental fee.


Properties in Lagos with an all-inclusive price

There are quite real estate developers in Lagos who offer all-inclusive property. This means that you’re not paying any dime aside from the money you would be seeing shortly.

Gracias Goshenite, Ajah

Gracias Goshenite is an estate developed by Gracias Global. Gracias Goshenite is selling for N25M for 400sqm. It has C of O as its title.

GRACIAS Goshenite all-inclusive

Read more about Gracias Goshenite HERE

Delight Estate, Eleko, Ibeju Lekki

Delight Estate is an estate developed by Numero Homes. Delight estate is located in Eleko Junction and facing the Lekki-Epe Expressway directly.

Delight Estate offers both residential for N15M and commercial estate for N25M.

Irving Park Estate, Awoyaya

Irving Park Estate, Awoyaya is selling for N13M and it is developed by Lakia construction limited.

In conclusion, the all-inclusive property is needed for people to key into because once you pay for it either as outright or installment you don’t have any other fee to pay again.

All you just need is to wait for your allocation and you get allocated instantly. And all of these properties are buy and build.

For further details, inspection to any of the above estate and payment plan, call/WhatsApp 09015094850