What is C of O

c of o properties in lagos
c of o properties in lagos

What is C of O

C of O simply means Certificate of Occupancy.

This is the most preferred document people love to have when it comes to buying property. I hear people saying, does the land or estate has C of O?

C of O is a land document that showcases that you are the rightful owner of the property. C of O also tells you that the land belongs to no one except you alone.

C of O

One thing you need to know about the C of O document is that only the Government can issue out this to you.

All land belongs to Government. So therefore to receive a document with C of O, Government has to issues out this to you.

And this is why you need to buy property in a real estate company. If you are looking for a property with C of O in Lagos Nigeria, then you need to buy a property through a real estate company.

And I must help you out in this regard. Kindly read this article and click on the WhatsApp button on your screen to chat me up privately.

Affordable properties with C of O in Lagos

This is a frequent question often asked by investors. People are eager to own land with the title- C of O.

So in this article, I will be telling you an affordable property with C of O in Lagos that you can key into right now for fast appreciation and high return on investment.

  1. Westbury Homes: this is a residential estate based in Bogije Ibeju Lekki Lagos. It is situated inside an estate.

Location: Bogije, Lagos

600sqm -N17,200,00
450sqm -N13,075,000
300sqm – SOLD OUT‼️

Read more: about Westbury Homes for further details

  1. Treasure Hill-top Estate, Alagbado Lagos

This is affordable located in the mainland of Lagos. It is a fast-selling property that is less than a 25min drive from Alagbado Lagos state.

300sqm: N3.5M
600sqm: N7M

  1. De Avacado smart homes
    Location: Abijo GRA

If you are looking for a residential estate in the area of Abijo GRA, then De Avocado smart homes are the best to key into right now.

2 bedroom terrace duplex BQ: N29.5M
3 bedroom terrace duplex BQ: N34.5M
3 bedroom semi-detached duplex BQ: N38M

  1. Southern Gate Commercial

This is an estate purely for commercial purposes. It is an estate for business purposes and it is located in Ibeju Lekki.

Location: Oshoroko Ibeju Lekki
Available size plots and prices

300sqm: N5.4M
450sqm: N8.1M

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  1. Genesis Court
    Genesis court is an estate located in a well-civilized environment where people are living.

If you are looking for a property to buy and build instantly in Ajah, then Genesis court is the best for you. It offers 400sqm of land only.

Location: Badore Ajah

400sqm: 32,500 per sqm

  1. Gracias Court Sangotedo

Gracias Court is an estate that offers investors the opportunity to own at least a plot of land that is located in Sangotedo just behind the Novare Mall, Sangotedo.

It offers a 600sqm plot of land.

600sqm: N9.6M

The above properties listed properties are all well dry and fenced. Installment payment is all welcome as well.


Let take you out for inspection. Which of the property above falls under your budget? Then contact us to help you make the smart investment that yields returns on investment.

Remember C of O is the highest document you can obtain.

Why not key into this opportunity right now. If you can’t afford the full payment now. Don’t worry, you can pay installment and secure at least a plot for yourself.

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