What you can do with 200 million naira

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Welcome, my name is Peter Oyedepo, a real estate expert who helps people to make money through real estate investment. Here in this blog, I will be sharing with you how you can make a high return on investment if you invest about 200 million nairas or more into real estate, and also be sharing with you the chart flow on how your investment should go.

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Real estate has been proven as the best business to venture into for capital gain and profit maximization. If you’re looking for a way to multiply your wealth, then the real estate business is the best for you. The only true way to be wealthy is through real estate.

Today, I will be sharing with you what you can do with 200 million naira if you have his amount of money or even more. Instead of putting that money in the bank and the banking industry is using your money to trade, why don’t you put it into real estate and see the massive return on investment you would get?

ATTENTION: If your budget is less than 200 million nairas, you can still invest in real estate and get a very high return on investment. Click HERE and let’s have a business discussion together.

There are a lot of what you can do with 200 million nairas that will profit you. And what you can do is by investing or bringing your millions of naira into real estate. Take a look at the chart below on how you can invest your 200 million nairas.

what you can do with 200 million naira

The above chart shows exactly how you can divide your money in real estate. With 200 million nairas, you can invest in these options below:

1. RELTF: RELTF simply mean Real estate trust fund. All cashback and real estate banking investment falls into this category. Click HERE if you want to invest in real estate cashback.

Out of your 200 million nairas, you can invest probably 30m into real estate cashback. You can contact me below to get started into real cash back for 12 months period plan.

2. OFFPLAN: Off-plan properties simply mean buying a house still undergoing development. You pay a trusted developer to build for you and they deliver your house to you. Off-plan properties are always cheaper and a great means to make money in real estate.

Typical example of off-plan property after completion

Out of your 200 million nairas, you can invest in off-plan property. Click HERE to see off-plan properties you can invest in.

3. MIXED PROPERTIES: Mixed properties consist of commercial and residential properties. These are great properties every investor needs to consider when buying property in Lagos, Nigeria

4. Beachfront Property: About 25 million naira can be put into a beachfront property. Beachfront properties are one of the most appreciating properties in the universe. There is high demand for beachfront property. So you need to consider buying a beachfront property for a high return on investment.

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5. FTZ COMMERCIAL: FTZ mean Free Trade Zone. FTZ is commonly found and located in the Ibeju Lekki axis of Lagos where we have the Dangote refinery, Lekki Free Zone, Lekki Deep sea port, New Lekki-Epe International airport, and a lot more.

Buying commercial property in this Free Trade Zone axis is the best because of all commercial and industrial activities going on this axis. With 25 million nairas with C of O as the title, you are good to go. Send a direct message to get started.

In conclusion, don’t tie down or leave your money in the bank. Allow your money work for you when you sleep. Invest your money into real estate and watch the massive return on investment you would see. Contact me to help you get started. Give me a call or a WhatsApp message at +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen to get started now.