Why choosing to buy land rather than a Car

buy land not a car
buy land not a car

I will keep saying this to people and will never stop saying it.

As good as car is, it is never an asset neither does it appreciate in value.

When money enters your hand, the first thing to do is not to buy a car but rather the first thing to do is to buy a land.



Someone may want to ask me Why? The only reason is that car doesn’t appreciate. A car you buy last year (2020) for two million naira, for instance, can never be resold for anything less than one million and five hundred thousand.

In fact, somebody like me can’t buy it anything less than 1.5m simply because the car can’t look as good as it was.

Most especially here in Nigeria that we have bad road and most of our cars do have scratches beside the body.

So why buy a car at first when you can actually buy land that will appreciate faster.

Let me give you a logic right now!

Whenever a little change comes your way, always look for a land Property to buy. Then when you buy the land, you can choose to resell the land at a higher profit. Keep the profit and use the initial capital to buy a car.

Car is good and it is mandatory for an average Nigerians to have one. But never buy a car if you don’t have a land.

Here this from me again.

Your first profit in business is not to buy a car but rather to buy a land.

delight estate eleko
delight estate eleko

If you have a land before, buy more. If you have one land somewhere buy more in another location that will appreciate.

Car doesn’t appreciate rather its depreciate.

Many of you will make your first million this year (if you haven’t made one before). Listen! When the million comes, consider buying a land first not a car.

delight estate eleko
delight estate eleko

Car can come later but let land comes first.

Top three reasons to buy land

  1. To be rich. A popular cleric known as Apostle Joshua Selman says and I quote “if you don’t have land you are poor.

This is nothing but the truth. Land makes you rich. Buy land in a location that’s cheap, then resell it for a profit. Keep the profit, buy another one again with the initial capital. Keep the process going. Isn’t that amazing?

Land makes you rich. You acquire more wealth when you buy more land.

  1. To stop being a slave. Slave, here I mean a tenant. When you have been a tenant for more than five to ten years in a particular place you are already a slave to the landlord.

The landlord can direct you anyhow he wants. He can give you order anyhow he wants and he has the power to send you away anytime he wants without considering your consent.

So why being a slave when the word of God says you can be above and never beneath.

To be above is by having a land of your own.

And it is not all about having he land but erecting building on it.

the ambiance
the ambiance development

Start laying blocks and erecting something even if it a bedroom you can afford for a start.

the ambiance development
the ambiance development

Stop being a slave to your landlord. Wake up and start thinking of buying land for yourself.

  1. To be comfortable. A wise saying goes thus: “No place like home

The saying is definitely true. There is no place like home.

Even the scripture makes it clear to us that a mansion is been built for us in heaven. Heaven is a place of comfort because mansions are already prepared over there.

Why discomfort yourself here on earth. You can live a comfortable life here on earth where no one will be sharing the rest room for you or where you will have to wait for someone to finish bathing before you take yours.

Land makes you comfortable. And this is done by laying down some blocks and start building.

the signature abijo
the signature abijo

The little money you’re receiving either from your business or work, kindly start planning to own your own.

If you have land(s) before start building on it. Take the step by building.

If you have already done that, buy more land. What makes a billionaire a billionaire is an Investment. Invest more in real estate.

And land is an investment that will yield massive return on investment.

In conclusion,

Whenever you want to buy a car think twice. Ask yourself this question, Did I have land somewhere?

If your answer is yes, ask yourself again what if I still used the money to buy another land again. Or did I need the car presently?

buy land not a car
buy land not a car

Don’t buy a car if you have not own a land. That’s the key word.

Always consult Mr Peter Oyedepo (real estate consultant) for land Investment.

Thanks for reading through.

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