Farm Park


Farm Park is a trading name registered with Cooperate Affairs Commission as Farm Agro Projects. We have been in the business of Agriculture since 2017.

Farm Park is an Agricultural Investment Company located in Ilara Epe, Lagos state. The road to this estate are honorable and accessible as well. We have three features of Investment in the business, which are out-listed below;

Farm Park Phase 1 Epe

FARM-IN; This feature of our farm is centered on individual who is passionate and desire to invest in Agriculture.

Here, you lease or buy land from our farm estate currently in the Agricultural zones of Lagos.

Entirely, all management processes involved in the farm are owned by the investor/farmer. And a plot of Farmland with basic facilities sells for 550,000/600,000. Price varies.

Farm-out: This feature is for individuals who may not have time to run the daily activities involved in Agriculture.

He/she procures or leases the land from our farm estate. We manage and run the farm for the person.

He/she bears the input costs and pays us services charged that will include insurance policy and Labour.

All the end of the production cycle, the proceeds/profits are being shared at the ratio of 70:30 percent which is still open for negotiation depending on the farm type.

E-Farm: This is a joint farm sponsorship program that allows you to buy small units of a farm circle with a unified purpose.


How E-Farm Works:

With E-Farm: You do not own the land. All you do is invest in any of our farming options.

Each unit of farming option costs N25,000. You will get a 20% return on investment after 5 months.

For example, if Mrs. Jane Doe invests in 20 units of poultry e- farm, that translates to N25,000 x 20 = N1,000,000 investment.

After 5 months, Farm Park pays her 20% of the N1million PLUS her initial capital investment of N1million, which is a total of N1, 200, 000.

E-Farm investment option is better than keeping that N1million in the bank because the return on investment is a lot higher.

Kindly note that E-Farm investment has insurance coverage to the tune of the amount invested, and this is backed by PAC TRUSTEES.

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Farm Park services include: Poultry, Crop production and any other agricultural products.

Farm Investment in Lagos State, invest in Agro-Space Banking

The best time to key into farm business is NOW.

For further details on farming business such as poultry, and other farming activity, Call/WhatsApp 09015094850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen