Understanding Deed of Document in real estate


One of the major documents you must seek for when buying real estate is deed of documents. A lot of folks venture into real estate without prior understanding about some documents. This article is to guide you on what deed of documents is all about. As the end of this article your eye will be enlighten to know what documents you need to possess when it come to real estate.

What is a deed of documents?

A deed is a signed legal document that conveys the title and ownership of an asset, like real estate, to a new holder.

Now deed of documents or deed of assignments is a legal document given to you by a real estate company immediately you purchase a piece of land from them with an evidence of receipt. Don’t ever buy a land if the company or seller doesn’t offer a deed of documents. The seller or company must be able to provide the documents and it must well legalized.

Deed of assignments

Real Estate Companies In Lagos that offers Deed of Documents

Deed of document

Your next question will be how can I know the companies that offer deed of assignments. As a real estate consultant who has worked and partner with quite numerous estate in Nigeria, am going to list out few among many of the trusted real estate company in Lagos and Nigeria as large.

  1. Landwey Investment
  2. Redbrick Nigeria LTD
  3. Tribitat Real Estate
  4. Alstonia Global Services Ltd
  5. Oshoflex Royal Company Ltd
  6. DNJ Properties Ltd

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