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How to start real estate business with Zero naira?

How to start a real estate business with zero naira
How to start a real estate business with zero naira

Real estate business is the new gold business in the world presently. With over three years experience in real estate industry, I have seen folks coming to me seeking for guide on how to start real estate business in Nigeria.

I saw a burning desire inside them on how to start real estate business and making money from it. In fact many of them do enrol for my training on starting a real estate business in Nigeria with zero Capital (yes I mean with zero naira).

How to start a real estate business with zero naira
How to start a real estate business with zero naira

Real estate has been proven to be the best and number #1 business you can ever lay your hands upon to do. There is no billionaire you see in this world who doesn’t own a real estate. Every great and successful person you see in your society are into real estate business.

This is why your landlord will never be poor.

Starting a real estate business is not as difficult as you think. I started real estate business along with my colleagues in this industry and we have made a huge amount of money.

Are you interested in real estate consultancy and marketing? Then you need to grab my book I have prepared for you.

With just #1000 you can get this book. It is a comprehensive book on starting real estate business and making money from it.

Special Packages

There are special package I will render to you FREE. Such packages include:

πŸ‘‰ Free registration into real estate companies in Nigeria
πŸ‘‰ What’s Next after being a consultant
πŸ‘‰ Marketing strategy in real estate business
πŸ‘‰ One on one mentorship in closing your first deals and so on

All these packages costs #5000 but getting this book within the next 24hour guarantee you for #1000.

After which the price goes for normal price- #5000

Grab the opportunity now and get your materials in becoming a real estate consultant. Invest with #1000 and make hundred of millions in real estate business.

To get your package kindly click the link below to grab yours.


After payment has been confirmed click the link below to grab your ebook products with free bonuses attached to it.

Send a message to us via WhatsApp with evidence of payment to grab your ebook


For more information and enquiries contact 09015094850


Crown signature villa, FCT Abuja
Crown signature villa, FCT Abuja

When you think about where to invest your money for maximum return on investment, you have to think about Crown Signature Villa, FCT Abuja.

Crown signature Villa FCT Abuja

Crown Signature Villa is situated around great neighborhood where luxury resides… Crown Signature Villa won’t be exceptional.

Location: Opposite NDIC Quarters, Karmo District, Abuja

Title: C of O
Size: 500sqm

Plot Price: N15,000,000

Crown signature villa
Fast selling real estate property in Lagos

Off plan Houses also available for sale


. Perimeter Fencing
. Good road network
. 24/7 Security
. Good Drainage System

. Children Play Ground
. Close Proximity to Development
. Access Road to the estate

For more information and inquiries Contact 09015094850

Understanding Deed of Document in real estate

One of the major documents you must seek for when buying real estate is deed of documents. A lot of folks venture into real estate without prior understanding about some documents. This article is to guide you on what deed of documents is all about. As the end of this article your eye will be enlighten to know what documents you need to possess when it come to real estate.

What is a deed of documents?

A deed is a signed legal document that conveys the title and ownership of an asset, like real estate, to a new holder.

Now deed of documents or deed of assignments is a legal document given to you by a real estate company immediately you purchase a piece of land from them with an evidence of receipt. Don’t ever buy a land if the company or seller doesn’t offer a deed of documents. The seller or company must be able to provide the documents and it must well legalized.

Deed of assignments

Real Estate Companies In Lagos that offers Deed of Documents

Deed of document

Your next question will be how can I know the companies that offer deed of assignments. As a real estate consultant who has worked and partner with quite numerous estate in Nigeria, am going to list out few among many of the trusted real estate company in Lagos and Nigeria as large.

  1. Landwey Investment
  2. Redbrick Nigeria LTD
  3. Tribitat Real Estate
  4. Alstonia Global Services Ltd
  5. Oshoflex Royal Company Ltd
  6. DNJ Properties Ltd

Need Assistance?

Do you need assistance in getting a good deed of documents for any land of your choice in Lekki, Ajah, Sangotedo, Lagos, Abuja, Porthacourt and so on? Sureland Realtors can serve you the best.

Contact us as we offer you the best land property that will in return gives you high return on investment.

Call Oyedepo Peter on +2349015094850

Or click the link below to chat him up


5 Tips on Google ads Every Realtor Should Know

Goldstone residence

One major thing every realtor in the real estate industry must know is how to run ads for your business. Some people have learned how to run Facebook or Instagram ads but never learnt how to run Google ads. In this blog today, I will be giving you 5 tips to know when running ads. Google ads should be another thing you should consider in your marketing as a realtor.

ATTENTION: I am a realtor and I have helped people to run Google ads. If you need my service to help you run Google ad, please send a direct message below. T&C applies.

Now the 5 tips on Google ads every realtor must know are:

1. Have and make use of a Gmail account: Don’t use yahoo account to run a Google account

2. Use a manual mode of payment not the automatic when making payment

3. Payment are in dollars not in naira so you need either a virtual dollar card or naira dollar card.

4. When choosing your location, select my city or state not by country

5. Ensure you have an active and mobile friendly website. You can’t run a Google ads without a website.

ATTENTION: If you need a realtor who is well knowledgeable to help you design your website, please click the WhatsApp message below:

Finally, when running a Google ads, you need to consider the budget and the interest targetting. You can contact me to help you run a Google ads relating the real estate. Just contact me via call/WhatsApp on +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button by your screen.


Itunu City Estate Launch
Itunu City Estate Launch

One major profession that is lucrative, respectful, and well recognise is becoming a realtor. A realtor provides and renders services of real estate for prospective buyers. A realtor is a professional person that helps and provides real estate services for people by connecting them to the developer of the property.

So the question over the year people have asked is, how they can become a realtor in Lagos? If you have passion for real estate business and you are not coming into the business for the sake of money alone please send a WhatsApp message below to learn more about being a realtor.

So how you can become a realtor in Lagos, Nigeria is very simple. All you need to do is to partner with a registered brokerage firm such as BRG (Billionaire Realtors Group) which I belong to already.

ATTENTION: BRG is the largest and biggest real estate brokerage firm in Africa so this is a firm you should belong to if you want to become a realtor. However, kindly send a message below to become one and I am going to add you to the firm once you’re done registering.

Registration to become a realtor is very simple. If you have any questions about becoming a realtor please call or WhatsApp me right away on +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button by your screen.


7 Features in the wealthy islet

One major reason you should buy any property is the features that are present in such property. Wealthy Islet is known to be a premium beachfront property that you can buy for a high return on investment. There are amazing features in the wealthy islet that you don’t want to miss out on.

ATTENTION: The wealthy islet is a beachfront property with a perfect title known as C of O. Kindly send us a WhatsApp message to lock a plot or more for yourself with just a deposit of 5 million naira.

The wealthy islet is a set luxury waterfront living set on 5 hectares of beachfront property. and it is a residential real estate. Here in the wealthy islet, there are 7 features you will enjoy when you key into this beachfront property right away.


Here in the wealthy islet, you stand to enjoy a resort kind of living where everyone who owns a plot or more can relax in the sun with the crystal clear waters of the sea next to their doorstep.


At the wealthy islet, you don’t want to miss the recreational facilities we will be providing such as a blend of healthy, active, educational, and fun facilities


Here in the wealthy islet, you have no fear of flooding as we have put into consideration the drainage system. So when you own some plot of the wealthy islet with us, you can live without the fear of flooding.

ATTENTION: The wealthy islet brochure and 3D Video is available for you. Send us a WhatsApp message below to request one before buying a plot or more.


At the wealthy islet, you stand the opportunity to enjoy homes that shine bright like the star at night. So you don’t want to miss this offer.


In the wealthy islet, you will enjoy a good road network simply because your cars deserve premium treatment.


At the wealthy islet, you enjoy an eco-friendly development.


You deserve clean and neat water either for drinking, bathing, or cooking. So here in the wealthy islet, you enjoy portable water for your daily living.

The wealthy Islet
The Wealthy ISlet Price

So now that you’ve known the 5 features of the wealthy islet, now is the best time to key into it. If you have any questions or you want to key into the wealthy islet please call or WhatsApp Peter on +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen.


The wealthy Islet

One major property every investor or individual should have is a beachfront property. Beachfront properties are one of the top property people love to buy. I have gotten a lot of messages and calls from people across the globe asking for a beach property. So that is why I took my time to write this blog for you on the top 3 beachfront properties you can buy in Lagos, Nigeria.

ATTENTION: If you are looking for beachfront property in Lagos, Nigeria either for personal use or for investment, please click on the WhatsApp button below:

So let’s go straight to the point. Below are a few beachfront properties you can buy right now if you’re looking for a beachfront property to buy:


Eko beach city is a beachfront estate that comprises both residential and commercial located in Eko Akete, Abijo with C of O as its title. See the flyer below or click the WhatsApp button on your screen.


Ambiance foreshore is a luxury waterfront property located in Sangotedo opposite crown estate and just 10 minutes drive away from Novare ShopRite Sangotedo with C of O as its title.

ambiance foreshore
Ambiance Foreshore

The ambiance foreshore comprises a residential plot and a lake view plot as well. See the flyer above or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen.


The Wealthy Islet is a luxury property just directly from the beach. This is a property you should consider buying if you’re looking for a beach property to buy. The title is C of O and rapid development had begun already.

The wealthy Islet
The wealthy islet

See the above and click on the WhatsApp button for more details

In conclusion, now is the best time to have a beachfront property in your name or in your children’s name. With a deposit, you are free to go and 12 months’ payment is available.

For more details about ambiance foreshore property in Lagos, please call or WhatsApp Peter on +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button by your screen.

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