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How to start real estate business with Zero naira?

How to start a real estate business with zero naira
How to start a real estate business with zero naira

Real estate business is the new gold business in the world presently. With over three years experience in real estate industry, I have seen folks coming to me seeking for guide on how to start real estate business in Nigeria.

I saw a burning desire inside them on how to start real estate business and making money from it. In fact many of them do enrol for my training on starting a real estate business in Nigeria with zero Capital (yes I mean with zero naira).

How to start a real estate business with zero naira
How to start a real estate business with zero naira

Real estate has been proven to be the best and number #1 business you can ever lay your hands upon to do. There is no billionaire you see in this world who doesn’t own a real estate. Every great and successful person you see in your society are into real estate business.

This is why your landlord will never be poor.

Starting a real estate business is not as difficult as you think. I started real estate business along with my colleagues in this industry and we have made a huge amount of money.

Are you interested in real estate consultancy and marketing? Then you need to grab my book I have prepared for you.

With just #1000 you can get this book. It is a comprehensive book on starting real estate business and making money from it.

Special Packages

There are special package I will render to you FREE. Such packages include:

👉 Free registration into real estate companies in Nigeria
👉 What’s Next after being a consultant
👉 Marketing strategy in real estate business
👉 One on one mentorship in closing your first deals and so on

All these packages costs #5000 but getting this book within the next 24hour guarantee you for #1000.

After which the price goes for normal price- #5000

Grab the opportunity now and get your materials in becoming a real estate consultant. Invest with #1000 and make hundred of millions in real estate business.

To get your package kindly click the link below to grab yours.


After payment has been confirmed click the link below to grab your ebook products with free bonuses attached to it.

Send a message to us via WhatsApp with evidence of payment to grab your ebook


For more information and enquiries contact 09015094850


Crown signature villa, FCT Abuja
Crown signature villa, FCT Abuja

When you think about where to invest your money for maximum return on investment, you have to think about Crown Signature Villa, FCT Abuja.

Crown signature Villa FCT Abuja

Crown Signature Villa is situated around great neighborhood where luxury resides… Crown Signature Villa won’t be exceptional.

Location: Opposite NDIC Quarters, Karmo District, Abuja

Title: C of O
Size: 500sqm

Plot Price: N15,000,000

Crown signature villa
Fast selling real estate property in Lagos

Off plan Houses also available for sale


. Perimeter Fencing
. Good road network
. 24/7 Security
. Good Drainage System

. Children Play Ground
. Close Proximity to Development
. Access Road to the estate

For more information and inquiries Contact 09015094850

Understanding Deed of Document in real estate


One of the major documents you must seek for when buying real estate is deed of documents. A lot of folks venture into real estate without prior understanding about some documents. This article is to guide you on what deed of documents is all about. As the end of this article your eye will be enlighten to know what documents you need to possess when it come to real estate.

What is a deed of documents?

A deed is a signed legal document that conveys the title and ownership of an asset, like real estate, to a new holder.

Now deed of documents or deed of assignments is a legal document given to you by a real estate company immediately you purchase a piece of land from them with an evidence of receipt. Don’t ever buy a land if the company or seller doesn’t offer a deed of documents. The seller or company must be able to provide the documents and it must well legalized.

Deed of assignments

Real Estate Companies In Lagos that offers Deed of Documents

Deed of document

Your next question will be how can I know the companies that offer deed of assignments. As a real estate consultant who has worked and partner with quite numerous estate in Nigeria, am going to list out few among many of the trusted real estate company in Lagos and Nigeria as large.

  1. Landwey Investment
  2. Redbrick Nigeria LTD
  3. Tribitat Real Estate
  4. Alstonia Global Services Ltd
  5. Oshoflex Royal Company Ltd
  6. DNJ Properties Ltd

Need Assistance?

Do you need assistance in getting a good deed of documents for any land of your choice in Lekki, Ajah, Sangotedo, Lagos, Abuja, Porthacourt and so on? Sureland Realtors can serve you the best.

Contact us as we offer you the best land property that will in return gives you high return on investment.

Call Oyedepo Peter on +2349015094850

Or click the link below to chat him up


The Goldmine Court 2.0


The Goldmine Court 2.0

Gold is far the most precious of all stones that’s why we at Zularich properties limited Go far in search for the Best of the best Location.
What if you own that which is the very source of all Golds.


The goldmine Court 2.0 is directly on the major Epe Expressway with closest proximity to Isimi Lagos (about 3min. after) and 5min. drive from Epe T junction, the Goldmine 2.0 is the Real Gold that every smart investor like you should own

Other Neighbourhoods are:

Medolf Estate
Epe Resort
Alaro City
Saint Augustine University, and lot more

Topography 100% Dry
Title Freehold / Registered survey

Introductory Price
500sqm 1.7m
300sqm 1.1m

After Lunch.
500sqm 2.5m
300sqm 1.45m

Buy 6get 1 free
(Valid only on 1st 20plots )

For more details, inspection, and payment call or WhatsApp Peter on +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen

What You Can Do with 1 Acre of Land in Epe, Lagos


What you can do with 1 acre of land in Epe, Lagos

It’s better and economical to buy in acres than to buy in a plot in Epe. Most people don’t know this, but that’s the simple truth.

The best place to buy acres of land is in Epe because it’s very cheap and affordable. So if you’re looking for a cheap and large expanse of land to buy in an estate, this blog is for you and am going to guide you through. So read to the end.

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Epe properties are dry land, road accessible, and very cheap. So going to Epe to buy property will be of great benefit for you and even earn you a high return on investment for you.

You can get a plot of land in Epe for as low as 1 million naira in an estate with rapid development going to be put in place. And imagine you buy an acre (6plots) for 6 million nairas. Do you know how much a plot will worth in 6 months’ time or in 2 to 5 years’ time?

There are numerous estate in Epe that’s affordable right now that you can buy and the price are within the range of 950k to 2.5m per plot. Most of these estate face the expressway directly and share boundary with neighborhood such as Alaro City, St Augustine University, Ambode Housing Estate, Yaba Tech Campus Epe, Epe market and a lot of industries in Epe.

Few out of many property in Epe that are affordable are: The Garnet Estate in Ketu Epe, Citi Garden Estate Phase 1 and 2 along the Ketu Expressway, The Ascent Trilogy in Ketu Epe, and lot more. Kindly send a WhatsApp message to me below to know more about Epe property and how you can key into it for high return on investment.

So what can you do with 1 acre of land in Epe?:

Here are few point of what you can do with 1 acres or more in Epe town, Lagos State.

1. Buy and Resell later:

You can buy an acre or more land in Epe and resell for an higher price.

For example, most properties lauched in Epe do have a pre-launced price and do come cheaper. Like I do say to all clients/investors that the best time to buy properties is when they’re in prelaunced

One of the major ways you make money in real estate is through land banking investment. Buy and resell later. This is what you can do when a buy 1 acre of land in Epe and more.

2. Buy and turn it into a Mini Estate:

Have you ever seen or heard about an estate inside an existing estate? This is what you can do. You can buy an acre or more and carve it round and turn to a mini estate of yours and even name it.

3. Keep for Long-term Investment:

Most properties in Epe are for long term investment and that’s why they’re cheap and affordable.

Land in Lekki, Ikoyi, Banana Island and Ajah are quite expensive. In fact a plot of land in Ajah by Abraham Adesanya Roundabout is selling for N47M per 500sqm.

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So imagine you take a little of that money and go to Epe and buy in acres. Do you know how much you would have make in 5 years or more time?

And even in Epe, there are properties you can buy and start building. They are known as buy and build estate. Few out of many are: Oasis Garden Phase 1 and 2, The Haven City Phase 2, Christal Villa Vintage Commercial Estate, and lot more

4. Buy and keep for your Generation:

Another thing you can do with an acre of land in Epe is to buy and keep for your generation. You can buy on behalf of your children. You can buy in their name. By the time your kids would grown up, the property would have appreciated beyond your imagination.

Thanks to my paternal grandfather who built a house over 70 years ago in Lagos, Nigeria. I bet you up till, we the grandchildren are still benefiting from the money that comes out from the rent yearly. This is what you can do with an acre of land. Buy, keep and even build for your unborn generation.

5. Buy for Commercial Purpose:

Another fantastic thing you can do with an acre of land is to buy for commercial purpose. Remember a plot of land is not enough for commercial activities. So if you’ve a business, you need to get an acre of land for your business.

You can buy acres of land and use for hotels, schools, shopping malls, halls and event center etc.

Commercial plots are good to buy in acres. So if you are a business man or you’re into business, then buying an acre of land for commercials can be of great benefits for you and your business.

In Epe off Ijebu-Ode Expressway, there’s a commercial estate you can buy. And one benefits of buying this estate is that it’s facing the expressway and it’s purely commercial and nothing more.

Read this: 3 major things to know about Epe, Lagos Nigeria

In conclusion, Don’t be like our fathers who regretted of not buying property when they’re cheap and affordable then. You can learn from them. Buy your acres now and spread payment up to 6 months.

Epe is the new city of Lagos. It’s the Lekki, Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Banana Island of tomorrow. It’s those who buy now in acres that would smile to the bank and be happy they buy.

Let me help you to secure your acre of land in Epe. Whelther you based in Nigeria or you’re Nigerian in diaspora, this opportunity is for you. I can be of help to you as well.

Kindly chat me via the WhatsApp button on your screen to get started.

With the massive development going on in Epe, Epe property is appreciating everyday. In 5 years back, you can get plot of land in Epe for 150k to 300k but right now, a plot of land in Epe will costs you 950k to 1 million naira minimum.

Why not consider to key into Epe right now. If you haven’t been to Epe before, book an inspection with me and I will take a tour round with you. If you are Nigeria in diaspora we can have a virtual inspection via WhatsApp video call.

And finally, the interesting part of buying property in Epe is that is offer you the opportunity to spread payment up to 6 to 12 months maximum.

For further inquiry, inspection and payment plan call or WhatsApp Peter on +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen.

5 Bedroom Terrace in Ikoyi by Osbourne Foreshore 2

Elizabeth Grace Court 5 Ikoyi

The most important place to buy property in Lagos is Ikoyi. Ikoyi is suitable to buy property. If you’re looking for a residential estate in a serene location and well conducive environment, then Elizabeth Grace Court (EGC 5) is for you.

Related: 5 reasons why people property in Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria.

In Ikoyi, Lagos inside EGC 5 Estate, a 5 bedroom terrace with a BQ is available with a flexible payment plan by Osbourne Foreshore 2.


EGC 5 consists of 6 units of 5 bedroom terrace and 1 BQ on 4 floors.

This luxurious edifice was designed with exquisite craftsmanship and superb quality to exude luxury, opulence, and grandeur.


  • Standard Gym
  • Olympic-size swimming pool
  • Outdoor Lounge
  • Extensive Landscaping
  • 24 hours security system
  • 24 hours power
  • Electric Tyre Pump
  • Elevator
  • Luxury Fittings and more

These projects also serve as a stronghold of investment.

5 Bedroom Terrace with 1 BQ

PRICE- 300million naira

Initial deposit is N70M and you can spread for 18 months.

Elizabeth Grace Court 5 Ikoyi
Elizabeth Grace Court, Ikoyi

Mahogany Drive, Osborne Foreshore 2, Ikoyi.

Lagos State Government Consent.

Live in the moment by purchasing a unit at the magnificent EGC5 or EGC6

For more details, inspection, and payment Call or WhatsApp Peter on +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen

Redemption Towers, Gbagada


The most sought place to buy property in Lagos is the Lagos mainland. And inside a serene environment known as Gbagada, you can get a 3 bedroom flat as well as a 3 bedroom maisonette with a BQ

Aside from Lagos Island, Lagos Mainland is another good place to live. There is still some peaceful environment, serene and prime location to live and one of such places is Gbagada. So if you’re looking for a place to live or a place to invest your money for capital appreciation, then Redemption towers in Gbagada is the best for you.

Similar Estate in Mainland: Treasure Hilltop Estate: 3 bedroom duplex with BQ


Experience lekki lifestyle in Gbagada.

After the successful delivery of our massive housing projects in Harmony Estate, Gbagada, GMH Luxury has returned to the mainland to construct edifice which will accompany GCC 1 and GCC 2 in redefining architecture.

Redemption Towers is a mini estate comprising 6 blocks housing 24 units of 3 bedroom Apartments and 60 units of 3 bedroom Maisonette with 1 BQ.

Read this: What’s a maisonette buildings

We are bringing the luxury lifestyle in lekki to the mainland, designing spacious living spaces with sophisticated housing features and facilities including:

  • Standard Gym
  • Swimming Pools
  • 24 hours Power Supply
  • 24 hours Security
  • Ample Parking Space
  • Luxury Fittings
  • Elevators
  • Rooftop lounge, among many others.


  • Ikeja City Mall
  • Murtala Muhammed International Airport
  • Lagos State Secretariat
  • Kalakuta Museum

Kehinde Ogunusi, Gbagada

Title: Lagos State Certificate of Occupancy

3 Bedroom Apartment
0-12 months: 40M
18-24 months: 55M

Redemption Towers, Gbagada – 3 bedroom flat.

3 Bedroom Maisonette with BQ
0-12 months: 60M
18-24 months: 75M

3 Bedroom Apartment
0-12 months: 45M
18-24 months: 60M

3 Bedroom Maisonette with BQ
0-12 months: 75M
18-24 months: 80M

Redemption tower, Gbagada – 3 bedroom maisonette BQ

So the very best time to key into this opportunity is NOW. Never wait till when the price would go up.

You are guaranteed a seamless and comfortable life in Redemption Towers. Secure a unit or more today!

For more details, inspection, and payment Call or WhatsApp Peter on +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen

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