Most Affordable 2-Bedroom Apartment In Lagos You Can Buy

2 bedroom apartment in Lagos

Most Affordable 2-Bedroom Apartment In Lagos You Can Buy

One special and most common unit of house in Lagos is a 2-bedroom apartment. About 55% of Nigerians both at home and abroad loved to buy a 2-bedroom apartment for different reasons.

Some buy 2-bedroom apartments in Lagos for personal living. Some buy for rentals and finally, some buy for short let. Buying 2 bedroom apartment in Lagos is a great way to start your real estate investment.

Location is another vital thing to check out when buying a 2-bedroom apartment in Lagos. The most preferred location of many people is on Lagos Island. These locations are where rapid development is ongoing and the presence of Government infrastructure is going to for example, the 4th mainland bridge, the proposed Lekki-Epe International Airport is on the Lagos Island.

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Most Affordable 2-Bedroom Apartment In Lagos You Can Buy:

  1. De Avocado Apartment, Abijo GRA Lagos:

De Avocado is a top-notch residential estate located in Abijo GRA with about 75% completed. This estate offers 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments respectively.

de avocado luxury and smart home

SEE THIS: De Avocado Luxury and Smart Estate – 2 bedroom apartment.

A 2-bedroom apartment inside the de Avocado luxury and smart home 2.0 is currently selling for N48.5M as of 15 September 2023. The initial deposit is N5M and you can spread it across 24 months. Read More HERE

  1. Ivana Court, Ajah Lagos:

Ivana Court is a mini estate inside Thomas Estate and it comprises only 2 bedroom apartments on 3 floors having 2 blocks. Ivana Court is located in a strategic location in a developed environment.

Ivana court estate

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Ivana Court is that place you will love to invest your money into. It is currently for N48M and you can spread for 6 months without interest.

  1. Lekki Pride 1, Abraham Adesanya Ajah Lagos:

Are you looking for a luxury place to be? Lekki Pride 1 is the best for you. Living inside Lekki Pride 1 is living like a king. It is located beside the Royal Garden, Ajah.

A unit here costs N50M and you can spread across 12 months respectively.


  1. Paragon Apartments, Lekki Phase 1:

Paragon Apartments is a 2-bedroom apartment with a BQ located off Freedom Way, Lekki Phase 1. This is a luxury apartment on the Lekki axis. These 2-bedroom apartments offer payment plans as well.

Paragon Apartment Estate

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Paragon Apartments also offers a 3-bedroom apartment with BQ. The 2 bedroom is selling for N90M with a 20% initial deposit you can spread over 18 months.

In conclusion, Those are a few properties offering 2-bedroom apartments on Lagos Island. If you want more details or want to know about other available units you can buy in Lagos, send us a message on WhatsApp via the button on your screen.

Buying a 2-bedroom apartment in Lagos is also for those who want to make money for themselves. You can buy it for investment purposes. Most of these 2 bedrooms apartments are off-plan. This gives you the privilege to make over 100% return on investment within 2-3 years of purchase.

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Peter Oyedepo

Peter Oyedepo is an award-winning realtor in Lagos, Nigeria and the lead consultant of Sureland Realtors (RC 2004840). He helps people both in Nigerians and in the diaspora to invest in real estate for profit maximization.