5 Red Flags To Avoid Building Demolition In Lagos

5 red flag to avoid building demolition in Lagos

5 Red Flags To Avoid Building Demolition In Lagos

Of a recent some buildings in certain parts of Lagos have undergone demolition. I really felt so bad for those whose buildings were demolished.

There are red flags everywhere because the Lagos State Government won’t just demolish any building just like that. Some developers or some investors see these red flags and still go ahead to buy and build.

As a result of the recent building demolition in Lagos, I decided to inform the upcoming investors or those who want to buy property in Lagos to be aware of these 5 red flags to avoid a story that touches.

The truth is that you can go away with these red flags but trust me very soon the Government will come for you and if you build in any of these places, your building is gone.

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5 Red Flags To Avoid Building Demolition In Lagos


Avoid buying property alloted for pipeline. If you see any sign of pipeline beside any property please desist from it. Before buying any property by the pipeline, please ensure you verify and confirm how many meter setbacks are needed.


You can go to the town planning in Alausa, Ikeja, and know where exactly not to build in an area where the pipeline is to be located. If you buy, it is a matter of time before the Government comes for you to demolish your house.


This is very important. Please take note of this especially if you are buying property facing the expressway. There are some highways that are currently 2 lanes road but in the masterplan, it is a 4 lanes road. If you build property in any of these setbacks, your property is gone.


An example is the ongoing construction of the Lekki-Epe Expressway. The expansion of the road start in the year 2022. Imagine if some properties like Gracias Morganite, Itunu Residential, and Tiwa Garden didn’t leave enough setbacks. Such property will be gone.


So when buying or building any property along a major expressway please ensure you verify the setback that is needed. And you can add to the setback the Government will give to you.


Powerline is another red flag you must avoid if you don’t want your building to be demolished by the Government. Powerlines are very important, especially in the major cities in Lagos State.


This is where due diligence comes in. Some places most especially in Epe, Lagos might be marked for powerline and you won’t see any trace of it. Avoid building close to a powerline station Government will come for you later in the future.


Rail station is another means of transportation in Lagos. Rail Station is very important in Lagos because it can help to ease traffic and it doesn’t cost much.


Building close to a rail line in Lagos is a red flag you should avoid. If you build, the Government might demolish it because it is used for public use.


If you have any property very close to the rail line please ensure you contact the town planning in Alausa, Ikeja to know the exact setback to set aside.


The number 5 red flag you should avoid is carna and drainage. This is the most popular cause of demolition in Lagos. People build houses close to carnal and drainage.

5 Red Flags To Avoid Building Demolition In Lagos

This is a red flag. If at all you build, ensure you set enough setbacks. The government will come for you later in the future. There are some places in the cities of Lagos set aside for canals where bridges will pass through. Please go there and build.

In conclusion, these 5 red flags must be avoided if you don’t want your building to be demolished. Another cause of demolition in Lagos is land that is marked for court disputes or court cases.

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Don’t be in a hurry to buy property especially if it is a secondary market. I could remember a property somewhere in VGC Lekki that is marked for court case but some people were still selling it. If we didn’t do our due diligence we are going to be in trouble.

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Buying property with real estate developers is much better than buying individual property. It might cost you money but it is safer.

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Peter Oyedepo

Peter Oyedepo is an award-winning realtor in Lagos, Nigeria and the lead consultant of Sureland Realtors (RC 2004840). He helps people both in Nigerians and in the diaspora to invest in real estate for profit maximization.